What did Undertaker do to Chris Kanyon?

What did Undertaker do to Chris Kanyon?

While he was the long-time “locker room leader” of WWE and ostensibly a safe veteran wrestler, The Undertaker was clearly reckless in beating Kanyon with the chair, concussing him with the hardest shot to the head you’ll ever see.

Is Chris Kanyon dead?

Deceased (1970–2010)
Chris Kanyon/Living or Deceased

How old is Chris Kanyon?

40 years (1970–2010)
Chris Kanyon/Age at death

Where is Chris Kanyon buried?

Chris Kanyon

Original Name Christopher Morgan Klucsaritis
Birth 4 Jan 1970 Sunnyside, Queens County, New York, USA
Death 2 Apr 2010 (aged 40) Sunnyside, Queens County, New York, USA
Burial Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend
Memorial ID 50602458 · View Source

What happened to Xpw?

From 2000 to 2002, XPW held an annual deathmatch tournament called Baptized in Blood. In 2002, Shane Douglas returned to XPW, and the “All-New XPW” was relocated to Pennsylvania….Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

Acronym XPW
Defunct 2003
Style Hardcore wrestling Sports entertainment

What moves did Chris Kanyon invent?

Among Kanyon’s move-set were a torture rack neckbreaker, and the original Flatliner he used as Mortis, a Samoan drop off the middle rope. Later in his career Kanyon used the Flatliner name for a modified DDT that Edge also used as the Downward Spiral.

Is Xpw still in business?

Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) is an American independent professional wrestling promotion owned by Rob Zicari….Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

Acronym XPW
Founded 1999 (re-established in 2021)
Defunct 2003
Style Hardcore wrestling Sports entertainment

What happened to FMW?

FMW came to an end with a final show on February 4, 2002 and Shoichi Arai declared FMW bankrupt on February 15, 2002. On May 16, 2002, Arai hanged himself by his tie in a Tokyo park to collect life insurance for his family to pay off his debt to the Yakuza.

Where is Rob Black today?

Rob lives with his wife, two boys and a Vizsla named “01110011” in San Carlos, CA. Podcasts of Rob’s radio shows can be found in the podcast section of the iTunes.

What is Chris Kanyon’s real name?

Christopher Klucsaritis ( January 4, 1970 – April 2, 2010) was an American professional wrestler, best known for his work in World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation, under the ring names Chris Kanyon (or simply Kanyon) and Mortis .

What happened to Chris Kanyon?

Finally diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder, Kanyon openly threatened suicide in the weeks prior to his death. On April 2, 2010, he was found dead in his Sunnyside, Queens, apartment. Found nearby was an empty bottle of antidepressants and the drug Seroquel. Chris Kanyon was 40 years old.

Was last night’s “The double life of Chris Kanyon” anticlimactic?

In the aftermath of last week’s Dark Side of the Ring episode “The Plane Ride from Hell”, and all the resultant publicity and attention that followed and continues, last night’s episode “The Double Life of Chris Kanyon” was almost certainly going to be somewhat anticlimactic.

Is the wrestling business to blame for Jim Kanyon’s death?

Unlike previous episodes of Dark Side of the Ring, which have suggested that the wrestling business was to blame for this or that individual’s problems and/or demise, I’m not sure that Kanyon’s own story fits so neatly into that narrative.

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