What do Madea say?

What do Madea say?

“Hellur” has become the pinpoint of Madea’s greeting and introduction as in a cameo on the Jimmy Fallon show, audiences can see the iconic quote being used to greet Donald Trump in a skit. Further, the quote is heavily liked by fans as Madea’s “Hellur” was used to remix Adele’s Hello.

When someone walks out of your life let them Madea quote?

If somebody want to walk out of your life, LET THEM GO. Especially if you know that you done everything you can do. You done sat around and been the best man or the best woman you can be and they still want to go, let them go.

What do I do now Madea?

What am I supposed to do now? Madea : You got to go on with your life. It’s all right to sit around and be depressed for a minute, cry about it, do whatever you have to but don’t stay there too long. Get up and go on with your life.

What play is Madea let them go from?

Madea Goes to Jail (play)

Madea Goes to Jail
Written by Tyler Perry
Characters Madea, Ella, Sonny, and Katie
Genre Comedy-Drama
Setting Madea’s house; County Jail

What is the meaning of Madea?

The term Madea once stood for the strongest matriarchal figure in a Black family. Once an honorable title for a sage, seasoned mother figure in the African-American community, Madea is now a bully, loudmouth, sassy character. Now most Americans have a vision of Madea as a violent old black woman.

How are people like leaves?

Like leaves, they are there to take what they need and as soon as it gets cold or a wind blows in your life they are gone. You can’t be angry at them, it’s just who they are. There are some people who come into your life and they are like branches on a tree.

Who played Madea?

Tyler PerryTyler Perry’s House of Payne
Madea/Voiced by

Tyler Perry (born Emmitt Perry Jr., September 13, 1969) is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. In 2011, Forbes listed him as the highest-paid man in entertainment, earning US$130 million between May 2010 and May 2011. Perry created and performs the Madea character, a tough elderly woman.

Does Madea mean my dear?

Madea is a cross between two words, Mother, and Dearest. It’s particularly a southern term for grandmother.

Why is Madea named?

Perry’s trademark character, Madea, was created in his play I Can Do Bad All by Myself (2000; film 2009). The brutally honest, rambunctious gun-toting grandmother, whose name comes from the frequent African American contraction of “Mother Dear,” was played by Perry in drag.

How is Madea’s ideology portrayed in the movie?

In the film, Madea’s love for violence and an easy fix was portrayed to the audience as she believes a wife who cooks and cleans deserves exactly half of what the man makes. Madea takes this literally and uses her ideology for a practical divorce settlement for her granddaughter.

Why is Madea so popular?

Since then, the character of Madea has started in numerous films and has never failed to make the audience laugh. Played and created by Tyler Perry, Madea is a beloved character best known for her tough-love, fearlessness, and ability to not care.

What is Madea’s most famous quote?

The courtroom allowed the audience to witness Madea saying “I am living for the lord…when I think about the goodness of Jesus and all that he has done for me, my soul cries out hallelujah, thank God, for saving me.” This was heavily dramatized on Madea’s part which is why it remains her top quote. 9 Hellur!

What was the first Madea movie?

The first film Madea was introduced it was Tyler Perry’s ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman,’ in 2005. In the film, Madea’s love for violence and an easy fix was portrayed to the audience as she believes a wife who cooks and cleans deserves exactly half of what the man makes.

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