What do sergeants say in the Army?

What do sergeants say in the Army?

1. “If you’re having trouble sleeping tonight, privates, whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that your parents are probably having sex in your old bedroom because your water-headed ass is finally gone.” 2. “Don’t call me sir, I work for a living!

Who invented Army cadence?

Willie Duckworth
The cadence was credited to a soldier named Willie Duckworth. As told on a V-Disc, one of the inspirational recordings made during World War II by the U.S. military and sent to troops overseas, Duckworth was “chanting to build up the spirits of his weary comrades.”

What is the song Army running cadence about Momma Mama?

Momma Momma (Army Running Cadence) Mama mama can’t you see, what the army’s done to me. They put me in a barber’s chair, spun me around I had no hair. Mama mama can’t you see, what the army’s done to me. They took away my favorite jeans, now I’m wearing army greens. Mama mama can’t you see, what the army’s done to me. I use to date beauty queens,

What are the best army cadences to get into?

Pararescue Cadences Pilot Cadences Civil Air Patrol Navy All Navy Cadences Diver Pilot SEAL/UDT Submarine SWO Army Army Running Cadences – Top 5

What are some funny running cadences?

(Alternative line goes) …Screaming bloody commies. Another funny running cadence: Birdy birdy in the sky Why’d you did that white wash in my eye!? Can’t stop the mean and the green Can’t stop this fighting machine Cause’ we’re hard core! I can think of a bunch more not listed here. Chris Amos August 27, 2015 at 5:25 pm Permalink

How often do you love to run in the Army?

We love to run every day. There wouldn’t be a fat man in the Army today. Whether you test them day or night. Most of the enemy had already gone. So enemy contact was really light. (Chuck, chuck, chuck he’s the man!)

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