What does a SpeedFlex helmet do?

What does a SpeedFlex helmet do?

The helmet is designed to disperse energy, reducing the risk of trauma, while the InSite is intended to alert coaches when a player suffers a significant hit to the head, or multiple hits that combine to pose a risk.

How old is the SpeedFlex helmet?

The SpeedFlex helmet from Riddell burst onto the scene in 2014. Its safety features and unique design were a big hit among the initial players that made the switch.

Why are Speedflex helmets safer?

According to a company press release, the SpeedFlex “reduces impact force transfer to the athlete by selectively adding flexibility to key helmet components,” while “flexibility engineered into the helmet’s shell, face mask and face mask attachment system reduces impact force transfer to the athlete.”

Is SpeedFlex a good helmet?

The flex panel is designed to reduce impact force. An aggressive shell design makes the helmet look fast, even when it’s not in motion. The Ratchet-Loc ™ system also generates some talk with such an ingenious design. Comfort inside the Flex helmet is definitely top quality.

What helmet does Travis Kelce wear?

Schutt F7 Helmet
After wearing his Schutt Air XP for 8 seasons, Travis Kelce has upgraded to the Schutt F7. The Schutt F7 is one of the best helmets in the game scoring a perfect 5/5 on the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating scale. The helmet is also super light and features Schutt’s “Tektonic Plates”.

Are Casco speedairo helmets any good?

The Casco Speedairo is a very well ventilated aero helmet which makes a refreshing change from other models of this kind. The fit and large visor are absolutely first class. In terms of the available colours, a somewhat larger selection would be a good thing. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What makes a Casco helmet so safe?

The polycarbonate skeleton in the helmet‘s interior delivers maximum stability despite the large vent holes. The helmet shown here is a safety product of the CASCO brand and is manufactured according to strict quality controls at our family-owned manufactory in Europe.

Can a helmet prevent head injuries in football?

WARNING: NO HELMET CAN PREVENT SERIOUS HEAD OR NECK INJURIES A PLAYER MIGHT RECEIVE WHILE PARTICIPATING IN FOOTBALL. Riddell has been the long-standing leader in football head protection and protective athletic equipment for more than 90 years, and we’re just getting started.

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