What does BMD-3 mean?

What does BMD-3 mean?

The BMD-3 is an airborne tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle designed and manufactured by the Russian Defense Company Volgograd Tractor Plant. First production of BMD-3 was delivered in 1990 to Russian airborne units followed by naval infantry units.

What kind of weapons does the BMD 3 have?

The primary armament is a 30 mm 2A42 autocannon capable of firing different types of ammunition which include high-explosive and armor-piecing. The BMD-3 possesses multiple secondary weapons such as the 9M113 Konkurs missile and the AGS-17 grenade launcher to defeat a wide range of targets from enemy infantry to other armored fighting vehicles.

How many BMD-3s are still in service?

The BMD-3 entered service with the VDV in 1990 with only 137 vehicles being produced due to the economic depression. The operators of the BMD-3 are Angola and Russia. As of 2013, 123 BMD-3s and 60 BMD-4s are in service with the Russian Airborne Troops .

Why did the BMD-3 use the turret of the BMP-2?

The BMD-3 was still a cold war design, largely inspired by the BMD-2, but with a main difference. It was using the turret of the BMP-2 for commonality of parts, training, and because of the good performances of the 30 mm 2A42 autocannon.

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