What does Chloe love story smells like?

What does Chloe love story smells like?

Its notes include neroli, orange blossom, stephanotis and cedar. In brief, it smells like orange blossom-scented laundry detergent. On first sniff, a hint of wet green, like a tight rose, permeates Love Story, but the fragrance quickly skips to sharp, detergent clean and stays in that groove, wafting with vigor.

What is Neroli smell like?

What does neroli smell like? Although delicate, neroli perfume is surprising: a delicious harmony of floral and citrus. Its complex aroma fuses floral, citrus and green, deriving from the orange blossom and leaves of the bitter orange tree, with unique hints of honey and spices.

What scent is Chloe?

Chloé Eau de Parfum begins with a combination of floral powdery notes: hints of peony, lychee, and springtime freesia. The airy, flirtatious head notes drift away to reveal the richer and more sensual side of the rose.

What is LoveLove story by Chloé?

Love Story Eau de Parfum by Chloé is the expression of a free woman: the Chloé woman. A floral love story, the fragrance opens with the sensuality of orange blossom, luminous and intoxicating like the flush of new love. The stirring femininity of jasmine stephanotis, the flower of happiness, gives the fragrance its heart.

When does Chloe love story eau de toilette come out?

The new version of the fragrance, Chloe Love Story Eau de Toilette, comes out in March 2016. Love Story Eau de Toilette is a romantic saga that begins with a lovers meeting in the morning sun.

Is Chloe love story worth the price tag?

I prefer the original Chloe EDP because it’s stronger and longer lasting, but this is a very fresh, super soapy scent. It reminds me a lot of Bath & Body Works’ Sea Island Cotton, which I LOVE in handsoap form. For that reason, I can’t imagine spending the high retail price for Chloe Love Story. It’s a beautiful scent but not worth that price tag.

How many ml of Chloe is in a mini set?

Chloe Chloe for women 4 pieces mini set (2 x 5ml nomade + 5ml chloe eau de toilette + 5ml chloe eau de parfum, 4 Count Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings.

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