What does endorse to mean?

What does endorse to mean?

1 : to show support or approval for endorse an idea. 2 : to sign the back of to receive payment endorse a check. Other Words from endorse. endorsement \ -​mənt \ noun. endorse.

What is endorsing a person?

1. verb. If you endorse someone or something, you say publicly that you support or approve of them.

What is the synonym of endorse?

Some common synonyms of endorse are accredit, approve, certify, and sanction. While all these words mean “to have or express a favorable opinion of,” endorse suggests an explicit statement of support.

What does it mean to decease?

Definition of decease : departure from life : death.

What is the opposite of endorse?

Opposite of to publicly approve of. disapprove. reject. decline. refuse.

What is the opposite of endorsing?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for endorsement. refusal, rejection, repudiation.

What is the opposite of endorsed?

What we say dead person in English?

someone who is no longer alive. synonyms: dead soul, deceased, deceased person, decedent, departed.

What does a dead person called?

corpse Add to list Share. Another name for a dead body is corpse. You might hear the word on TV crime shows, but a corpse doesn’t have to be a crime victim, just any lifeless body.

What endorse mean?

endorse(Noun) A diminutive of the pale, usually appearing in pairs on either side of a pale. endorse(Verb) To support, to back, to give one’s approval to, especially officially or by signature.

What is another word for endorse?

Synonyms for Endorses: v. •affirms (verb) avouches, adjures, warrants, professes, corroborates, propounds, assures, admits, certifies, attests, sustains, expresses, asserts, claims, submits, maintains, pronounces, sets down, supports, ratifies, validates, contends, proclaims, declares, verifies, avers, testifies, acknowledges, states.

What does ‘endorse here’ mean on the back of a check?

“Endorse here” means you have to make your signature on Back side of your check. Don’t forget to put your sign on back side of your check. If you will deposit your check without your sign your check will be returned from the bank within a few days.

What is the meaning of endorse in Tamil?

endorse meaning in tamil. to support, to write on the back of a cheque or document to authenticiate, to acknowledge ones signature. the chief minister endorsed him as his partys candidate for the upcoming election.

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