What does foot pedal mean?

What does foot pedal mean?

• FOOT PEDAL (noun) The noun FOOT PEDAL has 1 sense: 1. a lever that is operated with the foot. Familiarity information: FOOT PEDAL used as a noun is very rare.

What is a clutch pedal position switch?

Clutch switches are designed to keep the vehicle from starting in gear. When the clutch pedal is in the up position, the clutch switch is normally open with no power to the ignition switch. When pushing down on the clutch pedal, the clutch switch closes the circuit to the ignition switch allowing the starter to the engine to engage.

What is a drum foot pedal?

A foot drum is any type of drum that is typically played by striking it with the bare foot or pedal and beater combination. The most common type of foot drum is the kick drum or bass drum of a drum set or trap kit, which consists of a deep cylindrical shell with drumheads attached to both ends.

What is a switch foot?

foot switch. A foot-activated electrical switch that enables the operator to use both hands in the application of an electrical device, e.g., light source, electrosurgical unit, drill.

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