What does get out clause mean?

What does get out clause mean?

Meaning of get-out clause in English part of an agreement that allows someone to avoid doing something that they normally would have to do: Club officials allowed the German player to insert a get-out clause in his contract in case his family failed to settle in England.

What is an escape clause called?

A release clause — also called an “escape” or “kick-out” clause — is a clause in a purchase contract that allows one party to withdraw under certain circumstances. Advertisement. From the seller’s perspective, an offer that’s contingent on the sale of another property is risky.

What’s another word for getting out?

What is another word for get out?

escape flee
vanish bust
run off run away
get away clear out
make off take off

What is another term for the word clause?

noun. 1’a new clause had been added to the treaty’ section, paragraph, article, subsection, note, item, point, passage, part, heading. stipulation, condition, proviso, provision, rider. specification, requirement.

Can you leave a 12 month tenancy agreement early?

You can only end your fixed term tenancy early if your agreement says you can or by getting your landlord to agree to end your tenancy. If your agreement says you can end your fixed term tenancy early, this means you have a ‘break clause’. For example your break clause might say you can’t have rent arrears.

What is contingent escape?

Contingency escape clauses give buyers the time they need without infringing on the seller’s ability to sell to another qualified buyer. For more details on home purchase contingency clauses, consult a real estate attorney.

Is the bailout clause and escape clause the same?

The Bailout Clause or Escape Clause is another protection for the contract owner. Also, the agreement between the insurer and the contract owner can allow for utilization of the Bailout Clause if the interest rate decreases below a certain level.

Is get out a phrasal verb?

GET OUT (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the antonym of get out?

What is the opposite of get out?

disagree disassociate
disconnect disjoin
dissociate divide
exclude separate
sever shun

What is the opposite of a clause?

What is the opposite of clause?

whole denial
wait idleness
inaction refusal

What is the example of clause?

A clause is a group of words that contains a verb (and usually other components too). A clause may form part of a sentence or it may be a complete sentence in itself. For example: He was eating a bacon sandwich.

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