What does PCV reroute do Duramax?

What does PCV reroute do Duramax?

The PCV reroute will still let your crankcase pressure vent excess pressure & oil mist. It will just be venting it somewhere else (atmosphere or catch can, that’s up to you) rather than into your intake/intercooler/turbo….

Is a PCV reroute bad?

Killerbee said: IMO, the PVC reroute is not beneficial in any way. If soot is prevented with EGR off tuning, then an oil film just lubricates and/or slows oxidation. The amount of oil that escapes under low load conditions is negligible, a quart in 40,000 miles maybe.

What is the purpose of a PCV reroute?

The stock PCV system allows LOT of oil to get sucked into the intake, which ends up spewing smoke out the exhaust. The PCV Reroute will allow you to retain the function of the PCV system while helping to reduce the amount of oil consumption caused by high lateral G-forces in cornering.

How many miles will a LMM last?

As with all things that age, you should expect to run into some general maintenance items once you surpass the 150k mile mark with things like injectors, the water pump, the fuel pump and potentially the turbo. Overall, there is no reason that a stock LMM can’t make it to the 300k mile mark reliably.

What is ay bridge Duramax?

The LBZ/LMM 3″ Y-Bridge Kit is an upgraded high flow intake kit for the 2006-2010 Duramax. The factory Y-bridge is a poorly designed slip-in style two piece bridge with very little support that is prone to blowing apart under boost and creating poor drivability and performance.

What does a resonator delete do on a Duramax?

The resonator delete will make the turbo whistle slightly louder, and I mean very slightly. The whole point of the resonator box on the intake is to help absorb turbo and miscellaneous intake noise, to help make the truck as quite as possible.

Does LLY Duramax have EGR?

Introduction: The 2004.5 and 2005 Duramax LLY engines are physically identical. All engines utilize a cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, catalytic converter a.k.a. soot trap, and a closed crankcase ventilation (a.k.a. PCV) system.

What’s better LMM or LBZ?

LBZ does not have DPF so no urea tank to fill. LMM does have DPF. Thats the main big difference other than the body style change. DPF kills the mileage and performace on the LMM, but you can delete the dpf which is illegal but if you know someone that will pass it for inspection you will be fine.

What does the Y-bridge connect to?

The Zanesville Y-Bridge is a historic Y-shaped three-way bridge that spans the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. It carries the traffic of U.S. Route 40 (Main Street and West Main Street), as well as Linden Avenue.

Does ay bridge delete the EGR?

This kit allows you to remove the EGR system for race use only. A 3″ high flow inter cooler pipe compliments the y-bridge to offer a full 3″ tract from inter cooler to engine and a fabricated 3 ½” turbo inlet horn is also included to replace the plastic OEM piece.

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