What does rave about something means?

What does rave about something means?

: to talk or write about someone or something in an excited or enthusiastic way. : to talk loudly in an angry or wild way.

What does rave mean slang?

(intr) to speak in an angry uncontrolled manner. (intr) (of the sea, wind, etc) to rage or roar. (intr ; foll by over or about) informal to write or speak (about) with great enthusiasm. (intr) British slang to enjoy oneself wildly or uninhibitedly.

How do you use rave in a sentence?

Rave sentence example

  1. The room was jam packed with people at the free rave .
  2. Xander made his way through the rave .
  3. Diners rave about the minestrone soup, lasagna and flourless chocolate cake.
  4. The band have received rave reviews for their live sets and early reviews of this album.

What is the synonym of raved?

declaimed, harangued, mouthed (off), orated, pontificated.

Is rave positive or negative?

The verb “rave” can be negative as well as positive. You can rave in anger about something or rave in praise of it. The verb “rave” has undergone a few changes over the centuries. Let’s follow its history, with a few interruptions along the way.

What does raving mean in slang?

: irrational, incoherent, wild, or extravagant utterance or declamation —usually used in plural.

How do you use rave reviews in a sentence?

rave review in British English Stoppard’s new play has received rave reviews. The play received rave reviews from the critics.

How do you use rave and rant in a sentence?

Mr. Speaker, I cannot believe that a parliamentary secretary could rise in this House, and rant and rave about all the other parties. They rant and rave about how bad this is, but that is one of the promises they made. She would rant and rave and belittle people.

Is raving a good thing?

It comes just month’s after research by Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, concluded that live music makes people happier. The findings suggest attending live music once every two weeks can increase life expectancy by up to nine years.

What to expect at first rave?

What to expect at a rave. Drink a ton of water before you go to the rave. Drink water after the rave. Prepare for expensive water in the rave, from $4.00 per small bottle. People die at raves because they ‘roll,’ and don’t have water, don’t drink enough water, or spend all their money on drugs and can’t afford water.

What does Rave mean?

Webster Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Rave Rave(noun) one of the upper side pieces of the frame of a wagon body or a sleigh Rave(verb) to wander in mind or intellect; to be delirious; to talk or act irrationally; to be wild, furious, or raging, as a madman Rave(verb) to rush wildly or furiously

What is another word for rave?

Synonyms for Rave: n. • babble, admiration, acclaim, ramble, recognition, wander. v. •be very enthusiastic (verb) be wild about, effervesce, be mad about, gush, fall all over, enthuse, be excited, rhapsodize, cry up, be delighted, go on about, bubble, carry on about, praise.

What is the new rave?

New rave is a genre of music described by The Guardian as “an in-yer-face, DIY disco riposte to the sensitive indie rock touted by bands like Bloc Party.”.

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