What does Select Sires pay?

What does Select Sires pay?

Select Sires Salaries

Job Title Salary
Software Developer salaries – 2 salaries reported $91,343/yr
Stocker salaries – 2 salaries reported $16/hr
AREA SALES MANAGER salaries – 1 salaries reported $56,619/yr
Specialist salaries – 1 salaries reported $46,508/yr

What is Select Sires?

Select Sires continually collects conception data from herds using gender SELECTED semen to calculate sexed semen fertility deviations and removes bulls from the lineup that perform unacceptably.

How many employees does select sires have?

Select Sires Inc. Information

Website http://www.selectsires.com
Employees 290 ( View all )
Founded 1965
Address 11740 U.s. 42 N, Plain City, Ohio 43064, US
Phone (614) 873-4683

Where is Select Sires located?

Plain City, Ohio
Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is the largest global A.I. cooperative and is comprised of six farmer-owned and -controlled local organizations in the United States.

Who owns Select Sires?

David Thorbahn
David Thorbahn, president and CEO of Select Sires Inc. shared his appreciation for Schouten’s direction, “John’s unwavering principles are the bedrock for his team’s mission as they travel to over 90 countries to introduce U.S. genetics and advance the profitability of dairy and beef farmers.”

What is a sire summary?

Sire summaries are updated on a regular basis and provide information on traits that are economically important to cattle producers. Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) are numbers that predict the genetic quality of future offspring or progeny of a particular bull, cow or heifer.

What is 1 EPD measured in dairy sires?

Expected Progeny
EPD – Expected Progeny Difference designed to compare sires within the same breed.

What does YW mean in cattle?

Weaning(WW) & Yearling Weight (YW) Commonly referred to as growth data. Important because cattle are sold by weight. A positive growth rate means a profitable investment. WW and YW have positive economic impact on selection.

What does BMI stand for in cattle?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated from your height and weight and is a useful measure of overweight and obesity.

What is Rea in cattle?

Ribeye Area (REA) is the sole measure of muscle in a purebred animal’s Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) profile, unless you include collaborative measures like % Retail Product, Yield Grade, or some Indexes (which use REA in the formula).


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