What does self consumer of my woes mean?

What does self consumer of my woes mean?

“Self-consumer” is a strange little phrase that probably means something like “I am the only consumer of my woes.” In other words, the speaker is suffering “woes” alone because his friends have gone AWOL.

What is the theme of the poem First Love by John Clare?

This is a love poem that is about losing one’s heart to someone but not being able to articulate one’s feelings. John Clare’s first love was Mary Joyce whom he was not able to marry due to parental opposition.

What is John Clare’s most famous poem?

Howard considered “Child Harold” to be “unmistakably Clare’s most original work.” Many of Clare’s other poems of this period are traditional love verses and songs written to various women, especially Mary Joyce.

What is the poem I am by John Clare about?

‘I Am!’ by John Clare is a powerful poem about a speaker’s struggle with depression, loneliness, and a desire to find peace in Heaven. This poem was written in the late 1840s, sometime during Clare’s second stay in an insane asylum.

What is the meaning of the poem I am?

5 Analysis of I Am! Summary of I Am! ‘ I Am!’ by John Clare is a beautifully dark poem in which the speaker contemplates his life and his desire to rest alongside God. In the first stanzas of the poem, Clare’s speaker, who is often considered to be Clare himself, speaks about the darkest parts of his life.

What is the rhyme scheme of I am by John Clare?

‘ I Am!’ by John Clare is a three-stanza poem that is separated into sets of six lines, known as sestets. The first stanza follows a rhyme scheme of ABABAB while the second and third rhyme ABABCC. The poem is also a great example of how poets can use iambic pentameter, the most popular metrical pattern in English poetry.

What literary devices does John Clare use in I am?

John Clare makes use of several literary devices in ‘I Am!’ These include but are not limited to: Alliteration: the repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of multiple words. For example, “friends forsake” in line two of the first stanza and “sweetly slept” in line four of the third stanza.

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