What does Severn mean when she says please make your actions reflect your words?

What does Severn mean when she says please make your actions reflect your words?

She says that the adults don’t follow what they preach and it is destroying the world and it is time they make their actions reflect their words by making the children their priorities and making choices for their safety and survival.

How do you start a successful story?

How to Write a Success Story

  1. Step 1: Craft an Appealing Headline. The title of your success story remains the first contact point.
  2. Expound on the Situation. Baseline information usually helps people to understand an impact better.
  3. Describe your Strategy and Approach.
  4. Showcase the Result(s)
  5. Capture the Big Picture.

For whom is she speaking at the Rio Summit Why?

“Hello, I’m Severn Suzuki, speaking for ECO, the Environmental Children’s Organization. I am here to speak on behalf of the starving children around the world whose cries go unheard. I am here to speak for the countless animals dying across this planet because they have nowhere left to go.

Which topic is best for speech?

It’s not easy picking a topic for your speech as there are many options so consider the following factors when deciding.

  • Health.
  • Law and politics.
  • Media.
  • Religion.
  • Science and the environment.
  • Sports.
  • Technology.
  • World peace. What is the safest country in the world?

What is the topic of speech?

A good persuasive speech topic is one that you can use to grab the audience’s attention, inform and persuade, and provide a strong persuasive argument for adopting your point of view. You want to pick a topic that your audience cares and what to hear about.

What makes an inspiring story?

Inspirational stories need to follow a basic plot of a person who endures hardship but comes out of it triumphantly. This plot can usually be wrapped into a lesson or concept that conveys hope to the audience. If the triumph comes from unrelated events, there is no connection.

How do you write a motivational post?

There are five steps to writing inspirational stories:

  1. Cultivate empathy. Before writing inspirational stories, you’d need to have strong empathy in how people feel.
  2. Create relatable characters and ideas.
  3. Deliver the struggle positively.
  4. Deliver hope.
  5. Conclude with tips.

What makes a motivational speech?

Your speech should share information, teach knowledge, and motivate people to take action in a relevant way. When you listen to a great speech, some of the words stick with you for a long time. You may even pin few quotes and go back to them later on. People don’t want to hear the same things over and over again.

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