What does the Air Force RC-135 do?

What does the Air Force RC-135 do?

The RC-135V/W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft supports theater and national level consumers with near real time on-scene intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination capabilities. The aircraft is an extensively modified C-135.

How many rc135s are there?

three RC-135S aircraft
There are three RC-135S aircraft in the Air Force inventory all assigned to Air Combat Command and permanently based at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.

What is a Cobra Ball?

COBRA BALL is an Air Force airborne intelligence platform (RC-135) which carries infrared telescopes for tracking ballistic-missile tests at long range. Variants have been proposed for the operational detection of theater ballistic missile launches.

What is AJ Star plane?

JSTARS E-8C aircraft is based on a modified Boeing 707-300. The joint surveillance and target attack radar system (JSTARS) is a joint development project of the US Air Force (USAF) and Army which provides an airborne, stand-off range, surveillance and target acquisition radar and command and control centre.

How many RC-135s are in the Air Force?

The RC-135 fleet is permanently based at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska and operated by the 55th Wing, using forward operating locations worldwide. The 55th Wing operates 22 platforms in three variants: three RC-135S Cobra Ball, two RC-135U Combat Sent, and 17 RC-135V/W Rivet Joint.

What does an RC-135 do for the military?

Having a long service career, RC-135s originally flew from remote bases in Alaska and elsewhere to collect data on Soviet ballistic missile testing during the Cold War. With the use of passive sensors, the RC-135 gathers imagery intelligence, telemetry intelligence and signals intelligence. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Greg Davis)

Where is the RC-135 now?

All RC-135s are assigned to Air Combat Command. The RC-135 is permanently based at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., and operated by the 55th Wing, using various forward deployment locations worldwide. More recently, RC-135s have also supported Operation Allied Force in Kosovo, and Operation Odyssey Dawn/Unified Protector in Libya

What is the RC-135 used for?

The current RC-135 fleet is the latest iteration of modifications to this pool of aircraft dating back to the early 1960s. Initially employed by Strategic Air Command for reconnaissance, the RC-135 fleet has participated in every armed conflict involving U.S. forces during its tenure.

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