What does YJ stand for in cubing?

What does YJ stand for in cubing?

26 products. YJ is the shortened name for YongJun (永骏), aka Young Joe Toys.

Are YJ cubes good?

The Yj GuanLong is best known in the cubing community for its very low price of $3-$4. Out of the box it was a very speedy cube that, but it had some issues. The corner cutting on the cube was ok. Overall the cube is okay, but i would not recommend the puzzle to beginners as it is too fast.

Is YJ a sub brand of MoYu?

YJ. YJ, a company that used to have MoYu as a sub-brand, was leading the big cube market with their MGC Cubes such being the MGC 5-7 which appealed to the majority of the cubing market, and not just because of the name, but because of the controllability and speed that the cubes held.

What is a flagship cube?

A “flagship” speedcube is usually a 3×3 speedcube (not a hard and fast rule) which has the best corner cutting, an exceptionally high level of customization features like: Interchangeable magnets. Different spring compression nuts. Lots of tension settings of the speedcube & sometimes even a different hand feeling like.

What cube did Feliks Zemdegs use?

Gan 356 XS cube
Having broken more than 100 world records, Zemdegs, 24, is the only two-time Rubik’s Cube World Champion ever and holds the 3×3 world record average. A Sagittarius and Melbourne resident, Zemdegs (also known as Faz) currently uses Gan 356 XS cube as his hardware of choice for competitions.

Is the YJ Guanlong any good?

The YJ GuanLong was a popular budget cube from YJ. It featured a simple, blocky mechanism and was popular for modding. Although YJ intended for it to be ajn ultra-chep, ultra-lightweight speedcube, it was rarely ever used for speedcubing, except by beginners.

What is the YJ Jinjiao?

The YJ JinJiao is an interesting, non-comp-legal 3×3 which has a strange concaveness, the corneres spiking out from the rest of the cube, somehat like the Superfloppy Fidget Spinners. Due to the ergonomics of having a 3×3 that could peirce a heart, this cube is more of a collection piece than anything else.

What does YJ stand for?

YongJun (Chinese: 永骏, and often known as YJ) are a Chinese toy manufacturer who make stacking cups, spinning pens, and cubes. They first came to prominence as the manufacturer of the Type D Cube around 2008, although they have produced many other models since then.

What is the spring system by YJ?

The flagship feature by YJ is a new spring system which is very similar to the Gans Elasticity System – three spring options are available – Light (Yellow), Medium (pre-installed), and Strong (Blue) – that will change the flexibility and overall feel of your cube, just like GES in Gan cubes.

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