What episode did Konan fight Obito?

What episode did Konan fight Obito?

“The Bridge to Peace” (平和への懸け橋, Heiwa e no Kakehashi) is episode 253 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Can Konan beat Obito?

Technically Konan Won to Obito in a fair and square fight only if Obito didn’t use the Izanagi which re_write the reality. Obito used Izanagi on himself after Konan had blasted Obito with the ocean paper bombs when activated can blasts for almost 10 minutes.

Why did Konan and Tobi fight?

Why did Obito kill Konan? – Quora. To obtain Nagato’s RINNEGAN and DNA so he can summon him as reanimation in war.

Why did Konan and Nagato betray Obito?

The reason why Nagato betrayed Obito is because Naruto used Talk no Jutsu and convinced him of all of his wrong doings. During their conversation Nagato realized that Naruto had the same goals and dreams that Yahiko (his closest friend) once had.

Is Konan really dead?

After having left the Akatsuki for good, nobody expected Konan to appear in the story for quite some time. Not only did Obito surprise Konan but the entire fandom as well. Konan ended up dying in an excruciatingly painful manner while Obito proceeded to take Nagato’s Rinnegan and use it for his own good.

Did Konan have a crush on yahiko?

Yahiko was shown to have romantic feelings for Konan. It was hinted that they both had romantic feelings for each other. It was shown that Yahiko became jealous when other men were flirting with Konan.

Did Konan love yahiko or Nagato?

Yahiko was shown to have romantic feelings for Konan. Nagato confessed to Yahiko that he thinks Konan might hold the same regards to Yahiko. Coincidentally, both have the same birthday and blood type. It was hinted that they both had romantic feelings for each other.

What would happen if Konan killed Obito?

Then since N If Konan managed to kill Obito, then Kabuto would be able to personally hunt and kidnap Sasuke, so he would try to do so, rather than start a battle with the entire world. the villages basically skulk back home, since theres no 4th world war.

Would Obito have died if he didn’t use Izanagi?

So Konan figured out that if she keeps her paper bombs constantly going through Obito’s body for more than 5 mins then his limit of intangibility would be up and boom the paper bombs go off and yes he would’ve died if he didn’t use izanagi.

Why did Obito decide to go for Tsukiyomi?

Obito decided to go for the Tsukiyomi plot because Rin died and she asked Kakashi to kill her. Kiri-nin had caught her, planted the Sanbi into her in a faulty seal with the intent that the second she is back in Konoha the Sanbi would be let loose, and Rin all but ordered Kakashi to kill her rather than let the bomb inside of her explode in Konoha.

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