What equipment is used for handmade paper making?

What equipment is used for handmade paper making?

The most common equipment / machines used for handmade paper making Rag Chopper, beaters, Pulp Tanks, Calendar machine, Agitator, Hydraulic press, cylinder mould, Vat power drives machine, Iron box etc are major tools and equipments used.

How to get orders for handmade paper products?

The heads of PSUs and private sector units need to be contacted as part of marketing strategy. District Collectors, high level bureaucrats like Secretaries, Directors, Commissioners, CEOs need to be approached for getting large scale orders for the supply of handmade paper products.

What is eco-friendly paper manufacturing?

Paper manufacturing continues to be a concern in modern times from an environmental perspective due to its use of large number of trees, harsh chemicals, huge water consumption resulting in ecological imbalances, pollution and contamination risks. Eco-friendly paper is a solution to solve all environmental related problems.

What is the demand for handmade paper and its product?

The demand for handmade paper and its product is fast growing in the domestic as well as international market.

Which is the largest handmade paper industry in India?

The location of major handmade paper industries in India are Rajasthan, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry etc. Hyderabad is also home for several small and medium sized handmade paper industries. Sanganer near Jaipur in Rajasthan is the world’s largest centre of handmade paper.

What is the future of handmade paper?

According to KVIC experiences “Handmade paper product is a real treasure with full of creative, innovative and thought provoking ideas and the industry got an excellent future because of value addition and export oriented prospective”. Handmade paper has the advantage of being 100% wood free which makes it most eco-friendly form of paper.

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