What frequency does the universe resonate at?

What frequency does the universe resonate at?

432 Hz
What’s so special about 432 Hz you might ask? Well, according to some music theorists, it’s the frequency at which the universe vibrates. Listening to a sound at 432 Hz is especially pleasing to the ear, and said to reduce stress and promote emotional stability by putting you in sync with the “heartbeat of the Earth.”

What is a spiritual vibration?

The concept of spiritual vibrations is based on the idea that all matter in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates. This includes everything – you, your pets, your house, your favorite material possessions, food, liquids, everything made of matter.

What is the earth’s frequency?

7.83 hertz
The Earth behaves like a gigantic electric circuit. Its electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz on average — the so-called “Schumann resonance,” named after physicist Dr.

What is the extent of the universe?

The extent of the Universe is also a very interesting and non-trivial thing. Some solutions suggest that the Universe may be infinite. Others suggest that is is finite, but with no boundary (like the 2D surface of the Earth).

What is 110 Hz?

110 Hz – Pure Frequency Associated with the Stomach and Ovaries. 110 Hertz is the frequency which is associated with both the stomach and the ovaries. In a pilot study in 2008 by Dr. Ian Cook, this frequency showed a direct neurological effect that suppressed the left side of the pre-frontal cortex and activated or increased the right side.

What is 432hz frequency?

432Hz frequency is the harmonic intonation of nature. It vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness.

What is the radius of the observable universe?

Observable universe. The radius of the visible universe, is about 14.0 billion parsecs (about 45.7 billion light years), while the comoving distance to the edge of the observable universe is about 14.3 billion parsecs (about 46.6 billion light years), about 2% larger.

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