What genre is Betty Blue?

What genre is Betty Blue?

Betty Blue/Genres

What year was Betty Blue made?

November 7, 1986 (USA)
Betty Blue/Release date

Where is the beach in Betty Blue?

Plot. Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) is a thirtysomething aspiring writer making a living as a handyman for a community of beach houses in the seaside resort at Gruissan on France’s mediterranean coast.

What happened Beatrice Dalle?

Dalle is not currently slated to appear in any films; she criss-crossed France last year on a national tour of Lucrèce Borgia, playing the titular daughter of the Renaissance’s most debauched papal family.

How long is Betty Blue?

3h 8m
Betty Blue/Running time

How old was Béatrice Dalle in Betty Blue?

He meets 19-year-old Betty (Béatrice Dalle), a volatile and impulsive young woman, and the two begin a passionate affair, living in his borrowed shack on the beach.

Is Beatrice Dalle married?

Guénaël Mezianim. 2005–2014
Jean-François Dallem. 1985–1988
Béatrice Dalle/Spouse

What age is Beatrice Dalle?

57 years (December 19, 1964)
Béatrice Dalle/Age

What do you think about the movie ‘Betty Blue’?

The characters are NOT handsome and the story about Betty Blue, a female novelist who tries to solve a “murdermystery” is very thin. This flick even contains ‘sex’ with two 70+ men and a woman who urinates on a toilet and afterwards has ‘sex’ on this same toilet!!!

What is the meaning of Betty Blue?

Betty Blue is a 1986 French erotic psychological drama film. Its original French title is 37° 2 le matin, meaning “37.2°C (98.6°F) in the morning”.

When was betbetty Blue released in the UK?

Betty Blue was distributed in the UK and the US in November 1986 with English subtitles. ^ “The 59th Academy Awards (1987) Nominees and Winners”. oscars.org. Retrieved 16 August 2015.

Is Le Matin (Betty Blue) a good play?

Very french, the nudity is handled beautifully. 37.2 Le Matin (Betty Blue) is a brilliant piece of work. Jean-Huhues Anglades’ natural performance as Zorg in this easy going – take life as it comes story line makes you want to see more of him.

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