What Greek boy name means strong?

What Greek boy name means strong?

It might interest you to know that the names Arsen, Andrew, and Karl all mean “strong” in Greek, so one of these names could be a perfect choice.

What is a good Greek god name for a boy?

Here are some great boy names from Greek mythology:

  • Damon. Coming from the Greek verb meaning ‘to tame’, this name is also symbolic of trust, friendship and loyalty.
  • Hector. This name is derived from the Greek for ‘to hold’ or ‘possess’.
  • Jason.
  • Zeus.
  • Hermes.
  • Adonis.
  • Atlas.
  • Paris.

Who was the strongest man in Greek mythology?

The greatest of all heroes in Greek mythology, Hercules was the strongest man on earth. Besides tremendous physical strength, he had great self-confidence and considered himself equal to the gods.

What Greek name means Brave?

Andreas: Meaning “manly, brave,” this Greek name is popular throughout Europe and would be a clever way to honor an Andrew or Andrea in the family.

What Greek boy name means warrior?

Greek Boy Names » Means » Warrior

  • 104 Lex Defender of Mankind; A Word; …
  • 6 Andr Man; Warrior; Strong and Manly.
  • 146 Andy Manly; Brave; Variant of Andrew; …
  • 2 Dima A Follower of the God Demeter; …
  • 1138 Evan The Lord is Gracious; Young …
  • 13 Igor Ing’s Army; Son of the Famous One; …
  • 3 Teng A Well-known Warrior.

What is the name of a male god?

List of Greek Olympic Gods and Their Roman Counterparts

Greek Roman
Poseidon Neptune God of the sea, brother to Zeus
Hades Pluto God of the dead, King of the Underworld
Aphrodite Venus Goddess of love and beauty
Apollo Apollo God of music and healing, a hunter he is twin to Artemis

What are some good Greek baby boy names?

Adonis. Adonis is also a unique name for a boy,and it means ‘lord’.

  • Adrastos. Adrastos was the king of Argos in the Greek legend and is a very trendy name for a boy.
  • Aeolus. Aeolus is a very nice Greek origin name for a boy.
  • Apollo.
  • Ajax.
  • Angelino.
  • Annas.
  • Argus.
  • Aristaeus.
  • Ariston.
  • What are some names based on Greek mythology?

    30 Names Inspired By Greek Mythology For Little Gods And Goddesses Apollo. Apollo is a masculine name that has Greek and Latin origins. Atalanta. Atalanta is a feminine name that has Greek roots. Athena. Athena is a feminine name that has Greek and English roots. Adonis. Adonis is a masculine name that has Greek and Latin roots. Briseis. Briseis is a feminine name that has Greek roots. Cassandra. Clio. Castor. Dionysus. Damon.

    What are some popular Greek names?

    Some popular Greek names for boys include Alexander, Lucas, Damian, Stephen and George. Some other common and historic Greek boy names include Achilles, Dorian and Adonis. The name Alexander is a combination of the Greek word “alexo,” meaning “to defend,” and “ander” which means “man or warrior.”…

    What are some Greek names and their meanings?

    Male Greek Names and Their Meanings. 1. Acacio: Greek Name meaning “Honorable”. 2. Adrian: Greek a form of Andrew which means “rich …son”. 3. Achilles: Greek Mythology : a hero of the Trojan War . 4. Augustine: Greek name meaning “Majestic”.

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