What happened paper53?

What happened paper53?

Today FiftyThree announced its apps and team have been acquired by WeTransfer, a cloud-based file transfer company with headquarters in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but WeTransfer said it had acquired the company’s entire patent portfolio and all assets for its apps.

Is the paper app free?

Paper, the preeminent iPad sketching app, has always been free to download, but its advanced brushes and clever color mixer have cost $5 via in-app purchases.

Does 53 pencil work with other apps?

You can now use FiftyThree’s Pencil with Moleskine’s Journal app for iOS. A few apps include FiftyThree’s own Paper, OneNote, and Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

How much does Paper Pro cost?

Paper is available for free with an optional Paper Pro in-app purchase. Paste is free to try and costs $8/month per user for a full subscription.

Does pencil by FiftyThree work with the broadside of the tip?

When Pencil by FiftyThree originally launched drawing with the broadside of the tip had zero affect on the marks you made. That all changed in iOS 8 and Paper 2.0.

What do you like most about pencil?

For me Blend is the most exciting thing about Pencil. Sure a ton of other art apps have smudging and blending tools, but they all break the creative flow in their implementations. FiftyThree has made this valuable tool fun and more true to real drawing by allowing you to switch between smudging and drawing in a fluid and natural way.

How does pencil work with paper?

For the uninitiated, Pencil allows you to switch between tools in an intuitive and natural way when working with Paper (and apps that support FiftyThree’s SDK ). Bounce between drawing, erasing, and blending without ever having to “switch tools” — the tip draws, the eraser erases, and your finger smudges.

Are pencil tips and Erasers still good?

Even if you do manage to tear through the rubber, the tips are still usable, albeit with some black streaking 3 across the screen. The good news is FiftyThree now offers replacement tips and erasers in their shop. For $7.95 USD (+ shipping) you get two tips and an eraser for Pencil, which isn’t too bad if you do a lot of drawing like me.

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