What happened to Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde?

What happened to José Manuel Mireles Valverde?

On 25 November 2020, a Mexican government agency confirmed that Mireles had died from “the effects of COVID-19″….

José Manuel Mireles Valverde
Born 24 October 1958 Michoacán, Mexico
Died 24 November 2020 (aged 62)
Other names Doctor Mireles
Occupation Medical surgeon Former Autodefensa leader

Do the Templars still exist?

The Knights Templar Today While most historians agree that the Knights Templar fully disbanded 700 years ago, there are some people who believe the order went underground and remains in existence in some form to this day.

Who is Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde?

José Manuel Mireles Valverde. José Manuel Mireles Valverde (born 24 October 1958) is a Mexican medical doctor and former leader and founder of the paramilitary self-defense groups that fought against the Knights Templar Cartel, and other cartels, in the state of Michoacán and others, in México.

Why did Dr Jose Mireles go to jail?

Some media outlets state that in 1988 he served time in prison for allegedly producing marijuana, which Mireles has denied stating his imprisonment was for practicing medicine in Michoacán without an active state license. He traveled to the U.S. where he worked as a social activist.

Who are the Mireles and why are they so important?

Mireles emerged as an important figure within the self-defense militias during the fall of 2013 as self-defense groups were fighting against the Knights Templar Cartel in Apatzingán and other municipalities on the Michoacán coast.

Why did Mireles join Autodefensas?

Involvement in Autodefensas. Mireles states he joined the self-defense group to protect his family against the Knights Templar Cartel, after he was kidnapped by the cartel which demanded money to release him, and also had murdered several of his relatives.

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