What happened to Sungjae in BTOB?

What happened to Sungjae in BTOB?

On May 3, 2020, Yook announced on his Instagram that he is enlisting in mandatory military service on May 11, and was confirmed by Cube. According to MyDaily, Yook will serve as part of the Ministry of National Defense military band after completing his five weeks of basic military training course at Nonsan Training …

Is Yook Sungjae a chaebol?

Melodies – BtoB’s fan base – already knows that Yook Sung-jae comes from a well-off family. Fans have subsequently dubbed him a “diamond spoon” – a title reserved only for chaebol families (those that run Korean conglomerates). Entrepreneurial drive clearly runs in Yook’s family.

Is Sungjae BTOB rich?

Although Sungjae may not be classified a chaebol technically, he may as well be. It was revealed that his father, who is the CEO of an IT company in South Korea, had made a total revenue of over 10 billion KRW. Despite his wealth, Yook Sungjae is known for his humor and talent, and of course, for being modest!

Did Sungjae join military?

BTOB members Yook Sungjae and Hyunsik and PENTAGON’s Jinho have officially been discharged from mandatory military service that takes place in South Korea. The K-pop idols enlisted on the same day and the official date of their discharge was on November 14, 2021.

Is BtoB famous in Korea?

While BTOB , they’re famous in KOREA as well , they are one of the group that has a big fandom. Their song loved by not only fans but general public loves them. Not only missing you is a hit song but other BTOB song also hit in Korea. Many BTS and BTOB song stay long in the chart.

Is BtoB Sungjae of BtoB a natural beauty?

Actually, I thought it would be easy to declare Sungjae of BTOB a natural beauty, but then the pictures told another story! Sungjae doesn’t look remarkably different from his pre-debut years. Of course he looks like an idol now, because that’s the effect of having stylists and make up artists follow you around on a daily basis.

Who is Sungjae from BTOB Blue?

In 2016, Sungjae was appointed as an ambassador of the King Sejong Institution. He also became part of BTOB’s first sub-unit, BTOB Blue, and debuted in September 2016.

When did Yook Sungjae start his acting career?

In 2013, Yook Sungjae started his first ever acting debut in drama Monstar (TV series) as part of the supporting cast alongside his bandmates Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Chang-sub and Im Hyun-sik. Sungjae acted as Arnold, a member of boy idol group ‘Men In Black’.

Is BtoB Yook Sung-jae cast for new drama Goblin?

“BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae cast for new drama ‘Goblin ‘ “. Kpop Herald. ^ Son, Hyo-jung (17 January 2017). ” [단독] 곽시양·육성재, 김세정 이어 ‘정법’ 인도네시아 편 합류”. TV Report (in Korean). ^ “BTOB Yook Sungjae to Release Single”.

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