What happened when Drake kissed Madonna?

What happened when Drake kissed Madonna?

Madonna appeared with Drake after he played his own song named for the pop icon. She went on to sing her track ‘Human Nature’ before kissing the rapper for several seconds and leaving the stage. The incident made headlines when Drake appeared to grimace following the kiss.

Did Drake hook up with Madonna?

MADONNA had a secret fling with global hip-hop superstar Drake, The Sun can reveal. The Canadian rapper, who opened his UK tour at London’s O2 Arena last night, hooked up with the popstar in 2015 but vowed to keep it secret. At 30 years old, Drake is 28 years younger than Madonna, who turned 58 in August.

What age was Madonna when she kissed Drake?

Madonna, 58, had secret fling with Drake, 30, before THAT awkward on-stage snog.

What did Madonna do on stage Drake?

The kiss happened as Drake, 28, was seated onstage. Madonna, 56, slinked behind him as the music ended, tilted Drake’s chin backward, brushed her hair out of the way, and planted a kiss on his lips. The crowd cheered. This wasn’t a simple peck.

Did Drake not kiss Madonna?

Sources close to Drake tell TMZ… he loved the kiss. As for whether the kiss was prearranged, Drake says it wasn’t… the plan was for Madonna to dance around him while he sat in the chair. Drake says he was not banking on a transfer of the glossy stuff and that’s why he blanched.

Why did Drake make a face after kissing Madonna?

While to the naked human eye it appeared that he was grossed out by the ten-second snog, TMZ have reportedly discovered the real reason behind his screwed-up face. APPARENTLY that disgusted expression wasn’t to do with the kiss itself, it was to do with the aftertaste of the lipstick.

When did Madonna play Coachella?

Madonna shares previously unseen footage from 2006 Coachella set. Madonna has shared previously unseen footage from her first Coachella performance – scroll down to watch it now.

Who did Madonna make out with on stage?

On Tuesday (29 June), Madonna shared a picture of Nas kissing his dancer on stage alongside a still from her performance from the 2003 MTV VMAs, during which she and Spears famously shared a kiss on stage.

Why did Drake react to Madonna like that?

TMZ is reporting that Drake’s reaction was due to the unpleasant taste of her lipstick, rather than the kiss itself and Madonna has also taken to Instagram to hit back at criticism of the stunt, posting the below image on Instagram in defiance at her detractors.

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