What happens if you collect all 8 pages in slender man?

What happens if you collect all 8 pages in slender man?

In Slender: The Eight Pages, should the player fail to collect all of the pages, they will be killed by Slender Man, prematurely ending their adventure, and granting the player a game over. Additionally many Slender Man based games require collecting 8 objects that are typically pages, sometimes more.

How do you beat the 8 pages in slender?

Getting the center out of the way is your best bet. That way, you don’t have backtrack at all throughout the game and can work on the outside of the circle. Slender Man can only kill you if you look at him and he is always behind you. Never turn around, never see Slender Man.

Where are the 8 pages in slender man?

TechRadar Verdict

  • Download here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/slender-the-eight-pages.
  • Type: Survival horror game.
  • Developer: Parsec Productions.
  • Operating system: Windows.
  • Version: 0.97.

How many pages do you need to collect in slenderman?

eight pages
To unlock this mode, the player must beat the game on “Normal”, in which the ending shows the player’s character awakens in the daytime after collecting all eight pages and being caught by Slender Man. After waking up, the player can walk around in the daytime for a few seconds before the credits roll.

Is Slenderman 8 pages multiplayer?

Both Singleplayer and Multiplayer! Up to 8 players and you can choose who gets to be Slenderman. A total of 8 Pages to collect. Create a lobby or join the public queue to play with others.

What is the story of Slenderman?

The True Story Of Slenderman. Slenderman is an urban legend of a person who is really tall and thin. Has a black tuxedo on with a red tie and has a completly white blank face. He is a monster who lives in the forrest he can only be seen mostly by children and teens.

Where to get slender the eight pages?

Slender: The Eight Pages is set in the middle of a dense forest during the middle of the night, and is played from a first person perspective. The player’s objective is to collect all eight pages located in various areas of the forest while avoiding the Slender Man.

Is Slender Man a movie?

A horror movie about the Slender Man, Entity, was released in 2013. Another, The Slender Man, was released free online. Marble Hornets is also being made into a movie. The Slender Man was called “the first great myth of the web” by the BBC.

Is slender the eight pages free?

Slender: The Eight Pages is a survival horror video game and it was developed by Parsec Production as well as published by Parsec Productions in 2012 for the platforms Microsoft Windows and OS X. Slender The Eight Pages Free Download is the first of the Slender video games series and the sequel is Slender: The Arrival, which was released in 2013.

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