What happens in Kanokon?

What happens in Kanokon?

Kanokon’s story revolves around Kouta Oyamada, an extremely innocent young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and thus transfers to Kunpō High School. On his first day at his new school, he meets a beautiful second-year female student named Chizuru Minamoto.

How old is Chizuru Minamoto?

She is the series’ Yandere to Kouta. While it is implied by Tayura Minamoto (Chizuru’s younger brother) that Chizuru is 400 years old, it is later revealed that her age may be in the thousands.

How old is Kota in Kanokon?

12 years old
Kota , the main character, is kind of a short and underdeveloped kid that could pass for like 12 years old. He’s a good kid, but it’s hard to fathom this hot chick that’s totally stacked trying to give it all to him in the music room during school hours.

Is kouta a spirit?

In this form, Kouta transforms into a black-furred five-tailed fox spirit. It is revealed in the light novel and manga that due to his relationship he has with yokais and his exposure to them, himself has turned into a yokai, specifically a Kitsune.

Is there a Kanokon Season 2?

Summary: Kota Oyamada has spent most of his life transferring from city to city. Finally ending up at Kunpo High School, Kota is surprised when a second year student by the name of Chizuru Minamoto asks him to meet her alone in the Fine Arts room that evening.

What is Kanokon available on?

Kanokon – Watch on Crunchyroll.

What does Chizuru mean?

thousand cranes
Chizuru (written: 千鶴 lit. “thousand cranes”) is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Chizuru Arai (新井 千鶴, born 1993), Japanese judoka.

What is the story of Kanokon?

Kanokon is a 2005 Light Novel -turned- Manga and, in 2008, an Anime. It revolves around young exchange student Kôta Oyamada, who starts at a new school, only to be approached by the most attractive girl on campus almost immediately.

Is there a Kanokon TV anime listed by Media Blasters?

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Is there a complete series of Kanokon girl who cried?

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Who are the hosts of the Kanokon radio show?

The show is hosted by Mamiko Noto (the voice of Kouta in the anime), and Ayako Kawasumi (the voice of Chizuru in the anime). There are four corners, or parts, to each episode. The shows starts with a short radio drama, which moves on to general news about the Kanokon anime and series in general.

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