What Illinois county borders Wisconsin?

What Illinois county borders Wisconsin?

Lake County is located in northeastern Illinois, with Lake Michigan to the east, Wisconsin to the north and the City of Chicago to the south. The county’s communities include picturesque rural communities, highly developed urban centers, and tourist communities.

What countys are in Wisconsin?

List of counties

County FIPS code Formed from
Columbia County 021 Portage County
Crawford County 023 unorganized territory
Dane County 025 Crawford, Iowa, and Milwaukee Countes
Dodge County 027 Brown and Milwaukee Counties

What is the smallest county in Wisconsin?

Ozaukee County
Ozaukee County is the smallest land area county in the State of Wisconsin, covering 235 square miles of land area.

What is Wisconsin’s largest county?

The largest county in Wisconsin is Marathon. According to U.S. Census data, Marathon County has a land area of 1,545 square miles.

What town is on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin?

Located on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin along the scenic riverfront of the Rock River and Turtle Creek, the city of South Beloit is easily accessible off Interstate I-90, I-39, and I-43.

What state is directly above Illinois?

Illinois is in the midwestern United States. Surrounding states are Wisconsin to the north, Iowa and Missouri to the west, Kentucky to the east and south, and Indiana to the east.

What county is Hayward Wisconsin in?

Sawyer County
The Town of Hayward is located within Sawyer County and borders the City of Hayward. The Township is comprised of approximately 76 square miles and around 100 miles of roadway with an estimated population of 3,660 residents for 2019.

Is Gary Indiana considered a suburb of Chicago?

Gary is not a suburb physically we are one of the collar communities of Chicago. Gary is a City in itself.

What state is Illinois close to?

What cities are in Wisconsin?


  • Abrams,WI
  • Adams,WI
  • Adell,WI
  • Albany,WI
  • Algoma,WI
  • Alma Center,WI
  • Alma,WI
  • Almena,WI
  • Almond,WI
  • Where is Wisconsin on the map?

    Wisconsin is located in the north-central, Great Lakes and Midwest regions of the United States. It lies at a latitude of 43.7844° N and a longitude of 88.7879° W.

    Is Wisconsin a part of Illinois?

    Situated in the eastern part of the north-central United States of America, Wisconsin shares its northern border with the state of Michigan and Lake Superior, eastern border with Lake Michigan, southern border with Illinois and western border with Minnesota and Iowa.

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