What is a counter-argument for kids?

What is a counter-argument for kids?

Lesson Summary A counter-argument is a position that goes against, or opposes, your main argument. Counter-arguments make your position stronger, and show that you have come to your position in a fair manner after considering the other person’s point of view. They help you to show why you are right.

Which statement is the best example of a claim?

Answer Expert Verified The best example of a claim is option four: “You won’t understand those equations until you’re older”. Explanation: A claim is more than just a statement, it is a strong one, although it may be true or not.

What is the meaning of for and against essay?

A ‘for and against’ essay is a ‘pros and cons’ essay in which a topic is considered from opposing points of view. You are required to present both sides in a fair way by discussing them objectively and in equal detail. The purpose of this essay type is to take a balanced consideration of the stated issue.

What is the purpose of evidence in an argumentative essay?

In argument, evidence refers to facts, documentation or testimony used to strengthen a claim, support an argument or reach a conclusion.

Is counter argue a word?

(intransitive) Argue against, especially by opposition to and negation of opposing arguments (rather than the bolstering of one’s own position).

What is another word for counterargument?

Synonyms of counterargument may include rebuttal, reply, counterstatement, counterreason, comeback and response. The attempt to rebut an argument may involve generating a counterargument or finding a counterexample.

What is an example of a counter argument?

A child may argue for a dog. The parents remind the child his sister is allergic to dogs. The boy uses the counterargument that she has been around some dogs without any problems. He is ready for each argument against the dog, perhaps stating there are breeds of dogs that are hypoallergenic.

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