What is a cyber goth?

What is a cyber goth?

A common sign of a Cyber Goth are the neon dreads, or gas masks and goggles. These Goths love to match neon colors with black, or with another color.

Where can I find cyberpunk and cybergoth clothing?

Find cyberpunk and cybergoth clothing here at I Am Attitude, with a wide range of clothing and accessories made by our sellers worldwide.

What is cybergoth and why is it so popular?

As you can see, cybergoth is a unique but ultra-cool genre. The style often features tattoos and uses their bodies as an art canvas through body modification, such as piercings on various places across their bodies. Talk about breaking boundaries. As they say, the future is for the brave.

Where can I Wear my cybergoth jacket?

Our quality cybergoth jackets, such as our long matrix jacket, can be worn almost anywhere from work to school, concert, or even a formal event; they incorporate quality fabrics such as leather that are durable and look fantastic.

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