What is a Dalish elf?

What is a Dalish elf?

The Dalish are nomadic elves that seek to recover, inherit and preserve the knowledge and sacred treasures of the two fallen elven kingdoms, the Dales and Elvhenan. They lead nomadic lives, wandering throughout Thedas.

How long do Dalish elves live?

I did the math on this, and the elves had the Dales to themselves little less than 290 years (I’ll explain how I got that, if anyone wants). 290 years is just a drop in the bucket to an immortal lifespan – it’s a long time, but not long enough.

Do city elves believe in the maker?

Following the Exalted March upon the Dales, Divine Renata I outlawed belief in the Elven pantheon and decreed that a place must be made for elves in human settlements on the condition that they renounce their pagan beliefs. Consequently, belief in the Maker is one of the few things that city elves and humans share.

Where are the Dalish elves?

When the Warden travels to the Brecilian Outskirts via the World map they will arrive at the Dalish Camp, residence of Zathrian’s Dalish elves.

What are the races in Dragon Age?


  • Darkspawn.
  • Dwarves.
  • Elves.
  • Fex.
  • Firesprites.
  • Humans.
  • Qunari.
  • Kossith.

How old do Qunari get?

Because of the races warrior ways the longevity of the males can be looked at as short with the eldest being in their 70’s. The females longevity is much longer living past the age of one hundred. Horn loss is common in elderly Qunari.

How old do Elves live in Dragon Age?

So, elvish childhood and adolescence lasts about 50 years but many are not fully mature until they about 100 years old. It is stated that elves may live to 400 years old even.

Are elves in Dragon Age immortal?

So, we know that the elves of Arlathan are immortal. Not only the elven gods, but also ordinary elves like the sentinels at the Temple of Mythal. They can still die of injury, like the sentinels killed by Corypheus’ forces, but not diseases or other natural causes.

Are the elven gods the old gods?

TL;DR: The Elven Pantheon are the Old Gods! Reasoning: The Elven Pantheon (called the Evanuris) was made up of 9 so-called Gods, Mythal and Fen’Harel among them. When the 7 Evanuris killed Mythal, Fen’Harel got pissed, created the Veil and imprisoned the rest of the Evanuris – 7 in total.

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