What is a dragster?

What is a dragster?

The dragster is a special body/style of race car which competes in the Top Fuel and Top Alcohol classes of amateur and professional drag racing. The dragster is characterized by a long nose (the Top Fuel car is usually 25 feet long, nose to tail), with an open wheel format, a large power plant, and runs on a mix of methanol and nitro methane.

Which Junior Dragster is the most reliable?

Our Extreme Jr. Dragster is the most reliable and consistent hard tail bracket Dragster available. Our new Swing Arm Jr. Dragster chassis has been incredibly successful and one of the most popular swing arm suspended Junior Dragster chassis available.

What is a half scale extreme Jr dragster?

The Half Scale Extreme Jr. Dragster is the gold standard of Junior Dragster performance. The Extreme Jr. Dragster chassis has been perfected over a decade of on track experience and customer feedback.

What age is a Jr dragster for?

Specifically designed for the younger 5-7 year old class, the Jr. Fueler is the perfect entry level Jr. Dragster chassis to get started in, and grow with your young driver. The overall length is shorter to help maneuver easier, the rear end is wider for stability, and the pedal and seating positions are more flexible.

What is the fastest dragster in the world?

Top Fuel dragsters are the fastest-accelerating race cars in the world, and reach up to 335 mph over a 1000 feet. They are powered by a version of the 500-cu in Chrysler Hemi engines, and can cover the 1000 foot strip in 3.7 seconds. 1. Antron Brown (2016, 2015, 2012) 2. Tony Schumacher (2014) 3. Shawn Langdon (2013) 4. Del Worsham (2011) 5.

How much does a 125 altered roller dragster cost?

Weldwell 125″ altered roller for sale. Complete roller minus diff centre. BBC Junior dragster for sale $9500 Engine is 3 1/2″ bore terminator with fresh Dragster S&W chrome moly chassis. Car currently holds CC/MD national record.

How much horsepower does a 200 inch Dragster have?

200 Inch Dragster for sale. Small block Chevy engine with approx. 500 horsepower. Power glide transmission. Too much to list. Call Bill show contact info Drag car. Dragster, racecar.

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