What is a FENSA registered company?

What is a FENSA registered company?

A Fensa certificate also means that your installation has been registered with your local council by the installation company, which are legally required when you are selling your home. A Fensa certificate is proof of the installation company that is necessary when a property is sold.

Do windows have to be FENSA registered?

Anyone can fit windows, you don’t need to be Fensa registered, although that is what alot of people are led to believe. Being Fensa registerd simply means you can self certify your own work, if you aren’t registered you have to get the building officer to inspect and certify the work.

Who regulates FENSA?

the Department for Communities and Local Government
Under this scheme, the Department for Communities and Local Government gives licenses to organisation. They can then act as regulatory bodies. What this means is that FENSA is a government-approved body that regulates double glazing installation and issues certificates of compliance on their behalf.

How much does it cost to get a FENSA certificate?

If you pay online, the fee is £25.00 , including VAT. You will require a credit/debit card to order online. If you do not wish to pay online for your replacement certificate, a cheque payment will be accepted.

How long do FENSA certificates last?

Once the work is complete, the FENSA installer will provide the homeowners with a FENSA certificate and register the installation with the correct local authority. The certificate typically lasts as long as the products do and it serves as evidence of an up to 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

How long is a FENSA certificate valid for?

When did FENSA registration start?

April 2002
Debut for FENSA In April 2002, the UK government authorised the creation of FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme). The first and most well-known Competent Person Scheme for the window and door installation industry in England and Wales.

Is a FENSA certificate a guarantee?

FENSA Window Guarantee With a FENSA fitter, you get the option of a 5-10 year insurance backed guarantee on every installation. That means even if the installation company ceases to trade, the policy underwriters will consider claims under the terms of the original guarantee for the remaining period.

Is FENSA certificate a guarantee?

What year did FENSA certificates start?


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