What is a flashbang holster?

What is a flashbang holster?

HOW DOES IT WORK? Using it is simple! You just pop your gun into the clamshell (basically an upside down taco shell) and tuck it up under the front of your bra band. As you draw your firearm, the strap on the holster keeps it from coming along with your gun.

Are Kydex holsters uncomfortable?

Kydex holsters also tend to hold their specific shape for a long time. If you have a bit of a gut like I do, sitting down while wearing a Kydex holster can prove cumbersome and even downright painful until you get used to it. Another of the complaints about Kydex holsters is they tend to cause damage to your firearm.

Do you really need a gun belt?

A Gun Belt is essential to a safe and comfortable carry. If you’ve carried a firearm for any stretch of time, then you realize with the wrong gear even the smallest gun can be uncomfortable. New concealed carriers go through a process of finding what gear works for them or just give up if it’s uncomfortable.

What is ultimate concealed carry?

Ultimate Concealed Carry is your ultimate resource for the responsibly armed citizen. We pride ourselves on being able to offer what we believe be the best in concealed carry. We are the home of the Hide-It Holster, Tactical Edge, Grip-It, Sentinel, Defender, Patriot, Guardian & Vigilant. OUR HIDE-IT HOLSTER IN ACTION!

What is the best holster for concealed carry?

Our premier holster, the Hide-It Holster, is simply the best in total concealment on the market since 1997. It has helped thousands of concealed carriers from around the world to carry their choice of firearm without giving up comfort and the ability to dress anyway they want.

What is the cloud Tuck IWB holster?

The Cloud Tuck IWB was designed from the ground up to be the highest quality, most comfortable IWB holster ever made. The Cloud Tuck is a highly refined hybrid design, unlike anything else on the market.

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