What is a general construction contractor?

What is a general construction contractor?

What Is a General Contractor? In short, general contractors coordinate and execute the construction of larger home projects. This person, team or firm enters into the primary contract with a property owner, and bears the responsibility of overseeing the project.

What’s the difference between a general contractor and a contractor?

A “prime” or “direct” contractor is a contractor that has a contract directly with the property owner. A “general” contractor refers to a contractor in charge of hiring subcontractors and coordinating their work, keeping the job on track for timely and on-budget completion.

What is the job description of a general contractor?

A general contractor, or GC, in a construction project is the party responsible for scheduling and overseeing the day-to-day activities of a construction project. General contractors are hired to manage the project from groundbreak to its completion, providing the materials, labor, and equipment.

What does general construction include?

General construction is an overarching term describing various forms of construction projects such as design, build, and remodel. While Buildrite specializes in commercial construction, some other types of general construction include civil engineering and specialty trade.

What’s the difference between general contractor and construction manager?

Whereas a general contractor’s duties are largely confined to the on-site management of subcontractors, budgets and suppliers, a construction manager provides these services while being involved in the project from the very beginning.

What’s the difference between a general engineering contractor and a general building contractor?

Understanding the difference between a general and specialty contractor. General engineering and building contractors usually oversee projects and coordinate the specific licensed subcontractors for a job. Then it is appropriate for a licensed general building contractor to contract for and oversee the entire project.

What skills do you need to be a general contractor?

Skills Required

  • Plan reading.
  • Building skills (carpentry, tiling, etc.).
  • Time management.
  • Personnel management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Eye for design.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Budget-managing.

What is general construction?

General construction is an overarching term describing various forms of construction projects such as design, build, and remodel. Each facet of general construction generally involves a general contractor who will oversee every part of the process.

What is a general engineering contractor?

A general engineering contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with fixed works requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill, including the following divisions or subjects: irrigation, drainage, water power, water supply, flood control, inland waterways, harbors, docks …

What is higher than a general contractor?

What is construction management? Unlike general contractors, construction management services contract with the owner for a fixed fee. This fee replaces the lump sum a general contractor would charge to cover their overhead and profit.

Whats the difference between a CM and a GC?

The key difference between a General Contractor (GC) and a Construction Manager (CM) is that a GC will be a business entity, and a CM will be an individual. While both are important to a successful construction project, it’s easiest to understand the differentiations by taking a look at each role.

What does it mean to be a general contractor?

A general contractor is a person or company that is in charge of the entirety of a construction project, whether commercial or residential. The general contracting company is responsible for bidding on a job, obtaining a job, providing all of the materials, labor and equipment needed to complete the job, and overseeing its accomplishment.

What exactly is a general contractor?

The general contractor is a manager and possibly a tradesman that is employed by the client on the advice of the architect, engineer or the client him/herself if acting as the manager. A general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination of a project.

What are the services provided by a general contractor?

Turnkey projects. General contractors can take a project from conception to completion,handing it in its entirety from the ground up.

  • New construction.
  • Interior fit-outs.
  • Site improvements.
  • Remodels and renovations.
  • Take over projects already underway.
  • What do general contractors need?

    General contractors need to have good communication and decision-making skills. They must have good time management with ability to meet tight deadlines and personal initiative. Proficiency with spreadsheet software, such as Excel, and construction software, such as Timberline, is also important.

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