What is a good class to multiclass with Monk?

What is a good class to multiclass with Monk?

If you’re determined to multiclass your monk, here are some of the more viable and fun options out there.

  • Monk/Fighter. Capable of meditation AND murder.
  • Monk/Druid. Do Not Disturb.
  • Monk/Cleric. ‘Tis but a flesh wound!
  • Monk/Ranger. Monk/ranger… a surprisingly good combo.
  • Monk/Rogue.

What classes go well with Monk?

Way of the Shadow is the most classic Monk pairing, but most work well with a Rogue. Monks and Clerics are perhaps the most powerful magical combo though. You need Dex and Wisdom as a Monk, and Cleric wants a high Wisdom too, so you can add some extra spellcasting into the mix.

Is Monk worth playing 5e?

It’s a very good and fun class. If you’re looking to put up the most damage in a round, pick a barbarian and take GWM. Monks aren’t for you. If you’re looking to have interesting and effective options in combat but still want to play a martial class, monk is a very good and fun option.

What is the strongest multiclass 5e?

Dungeons and Dragons: Best Multiclass Combinations

  1. 1 Rogue/Artificer. The rogue/artificer combination creates one of the most powerful tacticians in the game.
  2. 2 Artificer/Barbarian.
  3. 3 Barbarian/Rogue.
  4. 4 Fighter/Rogue.
  5. 5 Paladin/Warlock.
  6. 6 Paladin/Bard.
  7. 7 Rogue/Ranger.
  8. 8 Sorcerer/Warlock.

Are monks fun to play DND?

Masters of unarmed combat and martial techniques, monks can be fun to play. And thanks to their unarmored defense and martial arts features, they can make dexterity do all the work for them (with a bit of Constitution or Wisdom as 2nd and 3rd) meaning they’ll hit often and hard, and be hard to hit in return.

Is Way of the Shadow Monk good?

Monks who follow the Way of Shadows are excellent team players. Their most tremendous strength is their ability to move vast distances thanks to their bonuses to speed, plus their ability to teleport between shadows, making them unparalleled infiltrators—but mobility isn’t enough to win battles.

Can monks be neutral good?

Many monks and some wizards are lawful neutral. Neutral (N) is the alignment of those who prefer to steer clear of moral questions and don’t take sides, doing what seems best at the time.

Are monks fun D& D?

Masters of unarmed combat and martial techniques, monks can be fun to play. With a ton of archetypes to dig through, there’s no wrong way to play a monk. Before we even get to the different archetypes, monks’ basic abilities make them excellent brawlers.

What is the most overpowered DnD class?

The Most Overpowered D&D Classes

  • Druid. D&D’s druids are at first glance a calm, nature-loving group, but they’re actually one of the game’s most versatile and powerful classes.
  • Monk.
  • Wizard.
  • Echo Knight Fighter.
  • Peace Domain Cleric.
  • Hexblade Warlock.
  • Divine Soul Sorcerer.

Which DnD class deals the most damage?

Which Class does the most damage in D&D 5E at Level 1?

  • The Paladin, Ranger, and Druid are bottom.
  • We then get the Bard, Warlock, Wizard, and Sorcerer.
  • Next we have the Barbarian, Fighter, and Monk.
  • We then have the Rogue, with 22 damage.
  • The Cleric is next.
  • Finally, we have the Sorcerer again. More on this in a bit.

Are 5e monks bad?

In 5e, Monks are fine. They’re certainly not top-tier in terms of damage, or utility, or… anything, really. But they’re not bad.

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