What is a good score for the NSW selective test?

What is a good score for the NSW selective test?

The top score is usually around 280/300.

What is the lowest score in selective school test?

NSW Selective Schools ~ Minimum Entry Scores 2020

Selective High School Cut-Off Score (2020)
Bonnyrigg High School 160
Gorokan High School 160
Grafton High School 160
Peel High School 160

What is a good selective school score?

The minimum scores for 2021 entry to NSW selective high schools

Rank School Minimum Entry Score
1 James Ruse Agricultural High School 248
2 Baulkham Hills High School 233
3 North Sydney Boys High School 228
4 Hornsby Girls High School 221

What IQ do you need to get into a selective school?

THE secret to earning a place at the State’s smartest school has been revealed. Students must have an IQ (intelligence quotient) of at least 145 – equivalent to 240 out of 300 in the selective schools test – to be enrolled at James Ruse Agricultural High.

Is the selective test out of 120?

The Selective High School Placement Score or (Placement Profile Score called in the past) is a mark out of 120 (previously 300). The minimum entry score for a selective high school is the test score of the lowest scoring student to accept a place there.

Are selective schools worth it?

A recent review of selective schooling in NSW showed the admission processes provide better outcomes for advantaged students — 59% of applicants were from high socioeconomic backgrounds, or have at least one parent with a bachelor degree or above.

How many selective schools are there in NSW?

There are 17 fully selective high schools in NSW. In these schools all classes are academically selective.

Is it hard to get into Hurlstone?

Hurlstone Agricultural High School is a fully selective high school. We provide highly gifted students with the best educational opportunities in order to achieve academically, to develop socially and to demonstrate the skills that are required to succeed in later life.

What day is the OC test 2021?

17 November 2021
Key dates – Year 5 opportunity class entry in 2022

Date Activity
17 November 2021 Opportunity Class Placement Test
19 November 2021 Last day to change school choices (updated)
Late December 2021 Selection committees meet
Mid-January 2022 Placement outcome information sent to parents

How many seats are in selective schools?

Queensland has one partially selective high school where selective students attend separate English, mathematics and science classes and three fully selective high schools. New South Wales has the highest number of fully and partially selective entry schools – 21 and 26 respectively, which offer 4,196 places in Year 7.

How do I prepare for a selective school exam?

5 tips for Selective School exam success

  1. Practice is everything.
  2. Challenge yourself.
  3. Become a problem solver.
  4. Pay attention to time.
  5. Know when to move on.
  6. A few extra practical tips:
  7. At Alchemy, we have been helping students get into selective schools for more than 15 years.

Are selective schools unfair?

The process of selection is also unfair as the tests children take at 11 attempt to measure their current ability rather than their long-term academic potential. Social class and parental pushing, the quality of their primary school, recent illness, etc. can all play too large a part for the process to be objective.

How many selective high schools are there in NSW?

There are currently 22 fully Selective Schools in NSW where all classes are academically selective. The majority are located within the Sydney region. 2. Partially Selective High School There are currently 24 partially Selective Schools in NSW.

What is selective school exam?

These schools cater for high achieving students by providing an environment conducive for academically talented students At Selective School Exam we specialize in providing Quality education to Year 6 Students who wish to enhance there skills in Maths and are preparing for entrance exams to Selective Schools.

What is the new selective high school placement test for 2021?

The Selective High School Placement Test changes in 2021 for placement in 2022. The new test has a greater emphasis on thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and problem solving. It also adjusts and balances the weighting given to mathematics, reading and thinking skills test components.

How do I get into a selective school?

To get into a Selective School, a student must sit a Selective School Entrance Test which tests a student’s academic capability. Entrance to a Selective School is competitive where in 2020, 28% of applicants who sat the test were offered a spot.

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