What is a Group 5 aircraft?

What is a Group 5 aircraft?

Group V: 171 feet (52 m) up to but not including 214 feet (65 m) wingspan or tail height from 60 up to but not including 66 feet. Group VI: 214 feet (65 m) up to but not including 262 feet (80 m) wingspan or tail height from 66 up to but not including 80 feet.

What are the different types of aircraft groups?

Aircraft Classifications

  • Airplane – Single-engine land or sea or multi-engine land or sea.
  • Rotorcraft – helicopter or gyroplane.
  • Lighter-Than-Air – balloons or airships.
  • Powered Parachutes – land or sea.
  • Weight-Shift-Control – land or sea.

What is ICAO Type Code?

The ICAO aircraft type designator is a two-, three- or four-character alphanumeric code designating every aircraft type (and some sub-types) that may appear in flight planning. ICAO codes are used by air traffic control and airline operations in flight planning.

What is a Code 3C aircraft?

The total runway strip width is 150m, making it a Code 3C per Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Manual of Standards Part 139 – Aerodromes (MoS Part 139). This is due to the limitations of the runway width and hence the inability to accommodate larger aircraft types.

What is aircraft type design?

Type design is all of the drawings and the specifications that show compliance with the certification basis of the original aircraft and all of the data necessary to show that subsequent airplanes conform to the approved type design.

What is a Group 3 aircraft?

Aircraft that fall within the group ‘Piston engine aeroplanes – mixed construction not exceeding 5700 Kg’ are those aircraft listed in the EASA Part 66, ‘Group 3’ license listing.

What is Airplane Design Group?

Definition. The Airplane Design Group (ADG) is an FAA-defined grouping of aircraft types which has six groups based on wingspan and tail height. These groups are defined in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13. It is sometmes used in place of element 2 of the ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code.

What is a code F aircraft?

Introduction. ICAO classified B747-800 and A-380 aircraft as code F (wingspan from 65 to 80 meters and a width of the main fuselage from 14 to 16 meters), this type of aircraft are heavier and longer than A340-600 and B777.

What’s new in the airplane design group?

Major changes include the following: Added information about tail heights and a table specifying wingspan and tail heights for each Airplane Design Group to Chapter 1, paragraph 2. Identified cancelled references in Chapter 1, paragraph 3.

How does ICAO assign an aircraft type designator?

ICAO assigns an aircraft type designator using the following principles: a. Only one designator will be assigned per aircraft type. b. A designator will be derived from the manufacturer’s model number or name, or from a common military type. c. The designator will not be longer than four characters and will generally begin with a letter. d.

What is a Category A aircraft?

For the purposes of wake turbulence separation minima, aircraft are categorized as Category A through Category F. Each aircraft is assigned a category based on wingspan and maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). a. Category A – Aircraft capable of MTOW of 300,000 pounds or more and a wingspan greater than 245 feet. b.

What is a Category D aircraft in the US?

Category D – (1) Aircraft capable of a MTOW less than 300,000 pounds and a wingspan greater than 125 feet and less than or equal to 175 feet; or (2) Aircraft capable of a MTOW greater than 41,000 pounds with a wingspan greater than 90 feet and less than or equal to 125 feet. e.

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