What is a jelco IV?

What is a jelco IV?

Smiths Medical’s popular JELCO® I.V. Catheter is a leading conventional peripheral I.V. catheter. The FEP polymer construction and ‘J’-point needle design allow clinicians to easily feel the vein entry. Anesthesiologists rely on JELCO® I.V.

What are the sizes of IV cannula?


Size Catheter O.D.mm Flow Rate (ml/mnt)
18G Green 1.3 94
20G Pink 1.1 56
22G Blue 0.9 36
24G Yellow 0.7 23

How do you know what size IV cannula to get?

A rule of thumb is to choose as small catheter size as possible to maintain maximum blood flow around the catheter. A small catheter will also minimise the risk of damage to the blood vessel.

What size is a blue IV catheter?

Peripheral IV Catheter Chart

Color Gauge Size Water Flow Rate (mL/min)*
Green 18G ~90 mL/min
Pink 20G ~60 mL/min
Blue 22G ~36 mL/min
Yellow 24G ~20 mL/min

Is a cannula and a catheter the same?

Cannula is a short flexible tube which is introduced into a blood vessel, while Catheter is defined as a tube which is substantially longer than Intra Vascular Cannula for peripheral access to body.

What Colour is a 24G cannula?

Gauge Specifications

Deep Green 18G 45
Pink 20G 33
Deep Blue 22G 25
Yellow 24G 19

What size is a GREY cannula?

Peripheral IV Catheter Chart

Color Gauge Size External Diameter (mm)*
Gray 16G 1.8 mm
Green 18G 1.3 mm
Pink 20G 1.1 mm
Blue 22G 0.9 mm

How many cannula sizes are there?

According to a 2015 study, the most common sizes range from 14 to 22 gauge. The higher the gauge number, the smaller the cannula. Different sized cannulas move liquid through them at different rates, known as flow rates. A 14 gauge cannula can pass approximately 270 milliliters (ml) of saline in 1 minute.

Which size of cannula is used for child?

Smaller cannulas are required, with many operators choosing 24–22 G cannulas for infants and 22–20 G for children depending on the location of the catheter. Non-ported cannula-over-needle devices (e.g. Jelco®) are commonly used.

What is the best choice for cannula size?

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The primary function of veins is to carry blood from.. the body to the heart.
What is the best choice of cannula size? The smallest gauge to accommodate therapy.
What is the ideal time to use a winged infusion set? for IV push drugs.

How do you choose a cannula size?

The cannula selected for arterial access shall be of the smallest gauge and shortest length that will accommodate the prescribed therapy. When catheters are utilized, they shall be radiopaque.

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