What is a leaf scale?

What is a leaf scale?

(1) Scale leaf or scale-like leaf [ Botany] A scale or Scale-like leaves is a small sharp-pointed leaf with a broad base. They usually overlap on the stem. (2) Bud scale [ Botany] A bud scale is a kind of specialized leaf or bract that protects and surrounds a dormant plant bud before the bud expands.

What is the difference between leaves and foliage?

The difference is that leaves are leaves wherever they are. Foliage denotes leaves that are attached to a tree or a plant.

What is the examples of scale leaves?

Cataphylls are small, reduced leaves which are also known as Scale leaves. It is not a photosynthetic structure, but it provides storage functions. For example- cotyledons, rhizome scales, bud scales.

What is a foliage leaf?

Definition of foliage leaf : an ordinary green leaf as distinguished from floral leaves, scales, and bracts.

What are scales on plants?

Soft scales such as brown soft scale and the hemispherical scale are common pests of indoor plants. They appear as raised bumps on leaves and stems, vary in color, and can be scraped off. They produce honeydew and sooty mold may be present on leaves below infested branches.

How do you spell fall foliage?

How do you pronounce foliage?: Usage Guide. The disyllabic pronunciation \ˈfō-lij\ is very common. Some commentators insist that foliage requires a trisyllabic pronunciation because of its spelling, but words of a similar pattern such as carriage and marriage do not fall under their prescription.

What trees have scale leaves?

Coniferous trees have small, waxy and usually narrow leaves (needles or flat scales). ‘Coniferous’ means that it is a cone-bearing tree. The most common conifers are spruces, pines and firs.

What is plant scale?

Scale varies in color, shape, and size, but most often appears as small, brown, rounded lumps on your plant’s leaves and stems. Scale are only mobile in the first moments of their life, until they permanently latch onto the plants foliage.

What are two types of leaves?

There are two different types of leaves – simple and compound leaves. Simple leaves are lobed or divided but do not form distinct leaflets. Whereas, in a compound leaf the leaves are divided into distinct leaflets and each leaflet has a small petiole.

What is the function of scale leaves?

Their function is to protect the axillary bud that they bear in their axil. Sometimes scale-leaves are thick and fleshy, as in/onion; then their function is to store up water and food. Scale-leaves are common in parasites, saprophytes, underground stems, etc.

How do you kill scales on plants?

Spray the plants with horticultural oil. This is also commonly called summer oil or dormant oil, to kill any remaining scale insects. Spray the oil on the tops and bottoms of the leaves as well as the stems. There are various horticultural oil formulas on the market that are all equally good.

What does scale leaf mean?

scale leaf – a specialized leaf or bract that protects a bud or catkin. scale. foliage, leaf, leafage – the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants.

What does scale look like on trees?

Scale insects on your tree may look like lumps on the branches, and they have flat or rounded humps. They affect many plants and are common on citrus trees, as well as other deciduous trees and conifers. Scales cause damage to trees by attaching to the branches and then drawing the sap out when they feed.

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