What is a lingam made of?

What is a lingam made of?

The lingam of the Shaivism tradition is a short cylindrical pillar-like symbol of Shiva, made of stone, metal, gem, wood, clay or precious stones.

How mercury lingam made?

The process of solidification of mercury is the secret process enunciated by Tamil Siddhas. In Tamil, mercury is called Pada-rasam and the Shiva Lingam made using pada-rasam is called Rasalingam. In Sanskrit, mercury is called Parad and the Shiva Lingam made using parad is called Parad Lingam.

Why is Shivling made of mercury?

It is mentioned in RasChintmani, that aperson can get the benefits of Shiva Puja even by touching Mercury Shiva Linga. Mercury Shiva Linga is so purify form of lingam that it can free a human being form all kind of disease, if one worship it by all heart.

Is Shivling a male organ?

A shivling in general symbolizes the union of mind and soul. The upper part of the shivling represents the phallus or the male organ whereas the base or the lower part of the shivling represents the yoni or the vulva. It is this divine and cosmic union that leads to the creation of new lives.

Is mercury Shivling good?

Parad is known as “Mercury” in English and it is considered to be the purest form of Shivling or Lord Shiva. Any person who has established Parad Shivling at their home will have their life filled with money, happiness and will be free of bad effects and even untimely death.

What are the benefits of Parad Shivling?

Parad Shivling get equal benefits to worship 108 other types of shivling. Worship of Parad Shivling is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame.

Where is Ranakpur temple situated?

Renowned for its fabulous architectural style, Ranakpur temple is situated in Ranakpur village that falls under Pali district of Rajasthan. For the followers of Jainism, Ranakpur temples are of great importance, as they make one of the five major pilgrimage sites. One can easily reach Ranakpur Temple from anywhere in Rajasthan.

Why Ranakpur is famous for Jainism?

The Ranakpur temple is one of the largest and most important temples of Jain culture. The campus includes various temples such as Chaumukha temple, Surya temple, Suparshvanatha temple and Amba temple. The construction is well documented in a 1436 CE copper-plate record, inscriptions in the temple and a Sanskrit text Soma-Saubhagya Kavya.

What is the name of the Rana Kumbh temple in Rankapur?

The town of Ranakpur and the temple are named after the provincial ruler monarch, Rana Kumbha who supported the construction of the temple. Rankapur along with Muchhal Mahavir, Narlai, Nadol and Varkana forms ” Gorwad Panch Tirth”.

Where is Aditya Tirthankar temple located?

The temple is located in a village of Ranakpur near Sadri town in the Pali district of Rajasthan . Darna Shah, a local Jain businessperson, started construction of the temple in the 15th century following a divine vision. The temple honours Adinath, the first Tirthankar of the present half-cycle ( avasarpiṇī) according to Jain cosmology.

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