What is a pipette pump used for?

What is a pipette pump used for?

A pipette pump that can be used to take up and expel liquid.

What is a pipette gun?

A serological pipette controller is a handheld mechanical device used in laboratories to aspirate and dispense large volumes of liquid. Pipet-X is a serological pipette controller, or pipette gun, with motor-assisted dispensing.

What is the best practice of handling pipette *?

It is best to immerse the pipette tips just below the liquid’s surface (2-3 mm) to allow the desired volume to be aspirated. Immersing the pipette tip too deeply increases the risk of liquid droplets clinging to the outside of the pipette tip.

What is a disposable pipette used for in science?

Pipettes that can measure liquid in microliters (μL) with precision, and are most commonly used in experiments, research and analysis in the field of life science. As for the part that comes into contact with liquid, disposable plastic tips are mainly attached to the pipette nozzle and used.

When should you use a serological pipette?

The best time to use serological pipette is when transferring liquids between receptacles, mixing chemical solutions, or laying reagents that are composed of different densities. Each of these procedures requires a high attention to detail when it comes to the aspirating and dispensing of your solution.

What are VWR® high performance pipettors?

Description: VWR® High Performance Pipettors are the newest lightweight pipettor designed for user comfort throughout daily work. Thanks to low pipetting forces, u… Description: VWR® Electronic Pipettors require virtually no force to aspirate and dispense samples, and they significantly reduce RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) as…

What are the features of the Pipet Aid portable Pipet controller?

Description: The Pipet Aid portable pipet controller features an updated pump for improved control, a new contoured handle for increased comfort, and a new chargin… Description: This lightweight, battery-powered pipet controller accepts plastic or glass pipets from one to 100 mL.

What are the different types of pipets and their uses?

With different manual or automated designs, any desired liquid volume is transferred safely. Utilizing an aspirating vacuum or positive displacement to draw and release fluids, reusable or disposable pipets have different accuracy levels.

What are the best pipettors to reduce ejection force?

Description: The VWR LTS compatible pipettors reduce ejection force with a unique positive stop technology. This technology along with lighter plunger springs, a d… Description: Lil’pet Micropipettes feature ideal volumes for gel loading. Description: The Wards® Micropipette line is fully autoclavable, helping to prevent cross contamination.

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