What is a Reaktor ensemble?

What is a Reaktor ensemble?

Reaktor is a graphical modular software music studio developed by Native Instruments (NI). It allows musicians and sound specialists to design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound design tools.

Where do I put Reaktor ensembles?

You can put them anywhere, and navigate to them via File > Open Ensemble. However, in Preference you can set a location for User Content. If you put the ensembles in the relevant folders here, they will show in the browsers.

How much does Reaktor cost?

REAKTOR 6 now comes at a new, reduced price, making it the most cost effective entry into custom device building to date. REAKTOR 6 is available through the NI Online Shop for $199 / 199 € / ¥22,800 / £169 / $AU 279. Special update and educational pricing is also available.

What is included in Reaktor 6?


  • Powerful player for all REAKTOR-based instruments and effects.
  • Includes BLOCKS BASE – 24 synthesis and utility modules, plus 35 modular Racks.
  • Also included in KOMPLETE START – the free bundle with 2,000 sounds and 6 GB of instruments and effects.

What is Reaktor factory library?

REAKTOR’s factory library features over 70 ready-to-use instruments and effects – a unique collection of synthesizers, legacy effects, groove boxes, sample transformers, sequenced synths, and sequencers to explore. And once unlocked, each and every instrument is even fully editable and patchable.

How do I add ensembles to Reaktor?

Go to your REAKTOR User Ensembles folder, and copy the “JUNO-60. ens” Ensemble file. By default, the REAKTOR User Ensemble folder is located here on your computer: Mac: Macintosh HD > Users > *User Name*> Documents > Native Instruments > Reaktor 6 > Library > Ensembles.

What is the difference between Kontakt and Reaktor?

Reaktor is a modular instrument, you build your instruments (ensembles) and you can create a sampler, synth, sequencer, effects etc. with it. Theres also 1000+ ready made ensembles in the user library. Kontakt is a dedicated sampler.

What is Reaktor good for?

For the uninitiated, Reaktor is a modular audio generation and processing environment with a graphical interface that can be run standalone or as an instrument or effect plugin (VST/AU/AAX). You can use it to make everything from basic effects and synths to full-on sequencers and grooveboxes.

What is a Reaktor block?

REAKTOR Blocks is a powerful platform for modular synthesis. Authentic patch-on-panel functionality makes it super easy to get into modular synthesis and start creating insane synths and sounds. If you already know your way around modular synths, Blocks will be a breath of fresh air and innovation.

Where are Reaktor ensembles installed Mac?

The factory stuff on a Mac is installed at Applications/Native Instruments/Reaktor/Library and all the folders are full of files including the standalone version of Reaktor.

Are there any Reaktor ensembles for free?

There are other free and paid Reaktor ensembles available on the site as well. This is one of those crazy noisemaking ensembles. I have no idea whatsoever what most of the knobs do. In that sense, it’s reminiscent of some of the more experimental Reaktor ensembles, such as Skrewell in the Factory Library.

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What is the Reaktor user library?

Copied! The REAKTOR User Library community is alive and kicking with new, free user-made ensembles submitted on an-almost daily basis, ranging from the highly complex to the single use variety. As well as the creators and users themselves, the ensembles come as varied and multifaceted as it gets.

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