What is a Sconca?

What is a Sconca?

noun. 1. ( light fixture) el aplique (M) The gaudy sconce did not match the rest of the bedroom.

What does Pinchez mean?

In Spanish, pinche literally means “scullion,” or someone who works in a kitchen doing menial work like peeling potatoes or washing dishes. In parts of the US where Spanish is frequently spoken, such as Florida and Texas, pinche is also used as a rude term but can also mean “cheap” or “stingy.”

How do you use pinche in a sentence?

The translation for this isn’t super fixed, but its most commonly used as a substitute for ‘fucking’, when referring to a person or situation. Ex.: ‘Mi pinche hermano le robó mi sueter. ‘ = ‘My fucking brother stole my jumper.

Is Scandalous an adjective?

adjective. disgraceful; shameful or shocking; improper: scandalous behavior in public. defamatory or libelous, as a speech or writing.

What does scandalous mean slang?

The definition of scandalous is a morally shocking or indecent person, thing or action, or something that hurts a person’s reputation. An example of scandalous is Woody Allen becoming romantically involved with his step daughter.

What is scandalous Behaviour?

Scandalous behavior or activity is considered immoral and shocking. Scandalous stories or remarks are concerned with the immoral and shocking aspects of someone’s behavior or something that has happened.

What is skonka?

Skonka is an OG (cholo, gangster, hood, etc.) old school term for a girl that’s scandalous/sleeps around/obnoxious. Synonymous with hoodrat, skank, hoochie, etc.

What is Pinche?

Typically used as an adjective to label something as ugly, terrible or of bad quality. Can also be used as a curse word to enhance an insult and its characteristics (the same way “fucking” in English is used. ¡Jajaja! pinche Ricardo, siempre sales con esas cosas – Hahahah, fucking Ricardo, you always come up with stuff like this

Is’Pinche’a bad word?

There’s no way around it: pinche is not a word to be used in polite society. Many restaurants in Spain have the name “El Pinche,” to the great amusement of Mexican and Chicano tourists. My mom told me to clean up my room and I told her “estoy en spring break, relajaté!

What does pinche gringo mean?

So you pinches gringos take that into account if youre trying to pass for an Argentine or whatever. c) In Mexico, it’s also used as an adjective to describe something as insignificant, lousy, miserable or worthless. b) Pinche gringo culero ve a chingar a tu reputisima madre!

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