What is a Turbo log manifold?

What is a Turbo log manifold?

A turbo manifold is a series of runners, or pipes, that collect exiting exhaust gases which can then be channelled into a merge collector. A flange is needed to bolt the turbo to the manifold, and this is welded/cast to the merge collector.

Can you reuse turbo studs?

You could reuse them, if you think they look good, but your chances of one breaking later have gone up now. I replace them every time, just heat the area around the studs, and melt a candle or crayon into the threads, let cool, they should come out easy, may need to heat again.

What size are exhaust manifold studs?

Re: Exhaust manifold stud size The measurements are M8-1.25 X 38MM. The studs also have a shoulder about a quarter way up the short end of the stud.

How much HP does a turbo manifold add?

Anywhere from 20 hp to 200 hp. Depends on your setup. If you are looking to add power to an existing non turbo motor, you must do extensive research. Find a motor with low /lower compression and /or find a way to lower the compression ratio.

Do I need to replace manifold studs?

In addition, we recommend replacing all of the bolts with OEM mounting bolts or studs. When you replace the manifold with a new one, it will be prone to the same warping that broke the bolt originally – so at the very least, be sure to replace all of the bolts with OEM mounting bolts or studs.

Do you need a intercooler for a turbo?

Intercooler is absolutely required for a turbocharged vehicle. A turbo increases horsepower by sucking more air and compress them into high pressure ball of air. Compressed air is too hot for combustion. Intercooler is required to first cool them down.

What is a turbocharger stud?

This turbocharger stud is designed to match the fit and function of the original part on specified vehicles. Made of quality materials, it is engineered for reliable performance.

What size tap do I need for a turbo manifold?

This works perfectly with your existing turbo manifolds which typically use 3/8-16 hardware (the old industry standard) – all you need to do is run a 10mm x 1.5 tap through the old 3/8-16 threads to chase them and it works perfectly. 4 studs/nuts included in each set.

Are these studs and nuts a good replacement for OEM studs?

Both the studs and nuts were great replacements for the OEM studs I have that were These are an exact fit for the K03 turbo flange that comes on the VW Passats with the 1.8t engine, despite the fact they say “Mazda” on the box.

What’s the difference between a standard and fine pitch manifold nut?

By using 1.5 (standard pitch) on the manifold side and 1.25 (fine pitch) on the turbo side, the standard pitch thread will stay put in the manifold while the fine pitch 1.25 inconel nut will be easy to remove without dislodging/unthreading the stud from the flange.

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