What is a Turkish ring?

What is a Turkish ring?

Puzzle Rings, also know as “Turkish wedding rings” or “harem rings”, have always served as a very unique style of engagement ring or wedding ring over the years. Each separate ring is also interconnected with at least one other part of the overall piece.

Is Boutique Ottoman authentic?

High quality rare, original and genuine gemtones at our products like Agate, Aqeeq, Onyx, Emerald, Ruby, Turquoise, Ferooza and Amber. Thanks to our craftsman perfect works and high quality materials, Boutique Ottoman products are always known as one of the best sterling silver jewelry at the market.

What kind of jewelry and accessories Ottoman Empire wore?

Jewelled golden, silver, crystal, mother-of-pearl or ivory belts were the essential accessories of the Ottoman woman. Belt buckles with floral or geometric motifs decorated with diamonds, rubies, turquoise, and emeralds were sometimes worn at the waist and other times over the hips.

What is Turkish jewelry made of?

Urartians used metals popular in Turkish jewelry today like silver, copper, gold, iron, and lead. Twenty types of stones were used as well on pieces for the head, neck, leg, hand, and leg.

What is a Turkish harem ring?

The second design ring is typically the Turkish harem ring. This is a ring that was given several hoops to the favorite harem, the next wife received a ring with fewer rings indicating their position in the preferences of the husband.

Is Boutique Ottoman safe?

Our online shop has SSL certificate which provides highest security encryption for our customers. We are working with Stripe as payment gateway and once you complete your order you will redirect to Stripe Secure servers to enter credit / debit card informations.

What is Ottoman jewellery?

Handcrafted, sustainable jewellery created with recycled metals and semi-precious gemstones.

What is Turkish jewellery?

Turkish jewellery is known for its unique style and use of stones on metals. This darkening offers an authentic look to the jewellery. For antique jewellery collection, Turkish jewellery is a must. Turkish jewellery is famous due to the legacy of Ottoman Sultans.

Is Turkish silver 925?

Despite its high quality and affordability, Turkish silver is not just for the millions of tourists that visit Turkey every year as 200 tonnes of silver are used in Turkey on an annual basis. Most silver jewellery is an alloy of 92.5% silver and other metals, most commonly the other metal is copper.

When were harem rings popular?

The first harem rings were reported to be created as wedding bands in Turkey and then were interpreted in Western Europe and became popular during the 19th century and very early 20th century.

Where to buy gemstone silver rings in Turkey?

Boutique Ottoman is Turkey’s famous gemstone silver rings supplier worldwide. You can find great Turquoise (Ferooza), Aqeeq (Agate) and Onyx gemstone rings at our shop. Made with 925 sterling silver. Check our high-end craft Gemstone Rings.

What is classic Turkish silver jewellery shop by boutique Ottoman?

Classic Turkish Silver Jewellery Shop by Boutique Ottoman was first founded by S. Gultekin in 1972 in Istanbul as a small antique shop. During that period, while doing commerce of ancient jewelries and antique pieces from Ottoman’s Time, S. Gultekin had studied jewelry art and history between 1974 – 1980.

Where to buy Aqeeq rings in Yemen?

World’s most famous Yemeni Aqeeq Rings supplier, Boutique Ottoman has wide product range for Yemeni Aqeeq Stone Rings. High quality hand made Yemeni Aqeeq Rings for worldwide customers. Check Our Yemeni Aqeeq Rings. Gemstone Aqeeq, Turquoise and Onyx gemstones with 925 sterling silver tassels.

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