What is a VRTX server?

What is a VRTX server?

Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a computer hardware product line from Dell. It is a mini-blade chassis with built-in storage system. The VRTX comes in two models: a 19″ rack version that is 5 rack units high or as a stand-alone tower system.

Is Dell VRTX end of life?

The post shared that Dell extended the life of the VRTX to the end of 2022.

Is Dell VRTX hyper converged?

PowerEdge VRTX modular infrastructure platform integrates servers, storage, networking and management together in a single compact chassis. Pivot3 improves the simplicity and economics of the enterprise data-center with industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure technology.

Which hard drive configuration is supported by the PowerEdge R730xd?

The PowerEdge R730xd system supports SAS, SATA, Nearline SAS hard drives and Solid State Drives (SSDs).

What is Dell CMC?

The Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) is a systems management hardware and software solution for managing multiple Dell blade chassis.

What is the PowerEdge FD 332?

The Dell PowerEdge FD332 is a half-width storage module designed specifically for use as direct attached storage for Dell’s FX2s Converged Infrastructure platform. It supports up to 16 drives for some truly impressive storage.

Does PowerEdge FX2 have CMC?

Overview. The Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) for Dell EMC PowerEdge FX2/FX2s is a Systems Management hardware and software solution for managing the PowerEdge FX2/FX2s chassis. The CMC has its own microprocessor and memory and is powered by the modular chassis into which it is plugged.

What is Dell PowerEdge VRTX?

Dell EMC PowerEdge VRTX Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors‎ Single, compact tower- and rack-capable integrated server solution optimized for small, remote and branch offices. Tailor your IT infrastructure with the right compute, storage and connectivity to meet specific workload needs.

Which PowerEdge server nodes are supported by vrvrtx?

VRTX supports up to four hot-plug PowerEdge M520, M620, M630 and M640 and M820/M830 server nodes. The M520, M620, M630 and M640 are half-height, two-socket blade servers.

What are the Dell EMC vrvrtx nodes?

VRTX feature-rich, two-socket, half-height Dell EMC PowerEdge M520, M620, M630 and M640 server nodes and four-socket, full-height M820/M830 are proven platforms and technologies that deliver exceptional flexibility and scalable performance.

What are the key features of VRTX?

With a choice of up to 12 x 3.5-inch or 25 x 2.5-inch hot-plug hard drives delivering up to 48 TB, VRTX is equipped with massive internal shared storage, keeping you ahead of the pace of data growth. Integrate networking through the 1GbE internal switch module or an optional Ethernet pass- through module with eight 1GbE ports.

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