What is a walleye board?

What is a walleye board?

Church Tackle’s “The Walleye Board” are popular inline planer boards which can be used with any line, including the new super braided lines. Church Tackle Walleye Board Planer Boards have a glass-filled, super tough nylon clip that is coated with a material NASA uses in the space shuttle program.

What is an inline planer board?

Inine planer boards are designed to create space between multiple lines being trolled. They attach to the mainline on one end, with a clip on the other end. The clip will release the line when a fish strikes, breaking the tension to allow the angler to fight just the weight of the terminal tackle and fish.

What are planer boards used for?

At its very basic, a planer board is a device that allows fisherman to cover more area at one time, have more control over their lines and reach places they would not otherwise be able to reach.

How much leader does a planer have?

Attached to the planers are 50-foot lengths of leader also attached using snap swivels. 80lb monofilament leaders are usually adequate. Midway through the leader we like to put a ball bearing swivel to prevent line twist.

Are Church tackle planer boards any good?

It has adjustable keel weights and could run perfectly with heavier weights. As a final, we can say that if you buy one of the Church Tackle planer boards, you will surely like it. They work fine and the rough waters and currents will not be a problem.

Most of the inline planers are made of floating materials like foam or wood. They are very useful as they allow easier use of more than one fishing line for trolling. Hence, using a planer board the fishermen could cover a larger area when trolling. Furthermore, the planer boards decrease the chances of tangling the lines and sinking of the lures.

What is the best in-line Planer for salmon fishing?

However, Church Tackle has a larger option for reversible planer board and it is called Church Tackle TX-44 In-Line Planer Board. This in-line planer board is 14″ long and it is ideal for salmon fishing.

What does the OR18 release do on a planer board?

The OR-18 release replaces the snap on the bracket of a OR12 side planer board and OR31 side planer board. Line holding tension is set by turning a small screw. Church Tackle Double Action Planer Board Flag System fits Church Tackle Walleye Boards and TX-22 Planer Boards.

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