What is ActionTiles?

What is ActionTiles?

ActionTiles is a web based control panel (dashboard) creator for SmartThings™. ActionTiles only offers view of and commands to Things; it does not include other administrative functions of SmartThings’s own mobile App such as adding new Thing or installation and configuration of SmartApps.

How much does ActionTiles cost?

At $28.99, ActionTiles still costs less than one or two additional sensors, switches, or outlets; … and yet it can control all of them. We will periodically reset everybody’s 14-Day Free Trial so that there will be no excuse not to not try out the latest features and maybe pull out the credit card this time.

Is ActionTiles secure?

ActionTiles is a trustworthy application: Security, privacy, and cloud performance have been reviewed and approved.

Does nest work with ActionTiles?

In January 2021, SmartThings released the official integration with Google Nest devices, including thermostats, cameras and doorbells. We understand the value of bringing your Nest devices to ActionTiles and will make all efforts to make it happen.

How do I add scenes to ActionTiles?

Find the Scenes Card towards the top of the page and select Enter Personal Access Token. Your Scenes will be imported and will be available in the Panel Builder. Tap the +Hub Tiles button to add individual Scenes Tiles or a Tile that shows a list of all your scenes to run.

Does ActionTiles work with Hubitat?

You will be able to use the Hubitat Elevation platform with ActionTiles for an extended period of time, free of charge, while we iron out any kinks that come up. When the integration will be deemed stable, a standard 14-day free trial period will begin after advanced notice.

How do I add SmartThings to ActionTiles?

Head over to the My Locations section in the ActionTiles sidebar menu. Once you are at the My Locations section, click the + button in the bottom right corner to add a location. Click CONTINUE and you will be taken to your SmartThings account.

Does ring work with ActionTiles?

For those who asked for more detail I am providing here. Of course you need the Ring App loaded. The app that really makes this work is AutoMateIt (free version) with AutoMateIt you set up rules to open and close the Ring App.

Does Hubitat have a subscription?

While it works quite well without a subscription, Hubitat offers two premium service plans: A $3-per-month plan enables remote administration and rule writing from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Does SmartThings have a web interface?

Samsung’s first Wi-Fi router with its SmartThings hub built-in will soon get a web-based way to set it up. Samsung will keep improving its Wi-Fi mesh and smart home system, adding a web-based-interface to setup and control its functionality, a Samsung rep told CNET en Español.

Does the new SmartThings app support tiles like the old one?

Now that the new smartthings app no longer supports the use of tiles in the old smartthings classic ide, how do we code for the new app to add capabilities to devices?

Why actiontiles over SmartThings?

Its ease, appearance and features are superior to other products costing much more. Finally, software that can be used in the real world. SmartThings enabled us to standardize on a single home automation platform. ActionTiles is the user-friendly way to help us take it to the next level. It’s the only interface we use.

What can I do with the SmartThings app?

Create a login, link to your SmartThings Location, and build Tiles and Panels – all in your browser. Online help and email support. Completely rebuilt platform that responds instantly to smart home events.

Is actiontiles worth it?

If you have less techie family members or guests you want to access your smart home, ActionTiles is a must. I use it for almost all my daily interactions with SmartThings. Love the media tiles; Weather Tiles; PIN security option on Tiles, Highly customizable.

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