What is another word for nationalization?

What is another word for nationalization?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nationalize, like: specific, privatize, expropriate, communalize, socialize, politics, nationalise, denationalize, nationalization and null.

What nationalization means?

Nationalization is the process of taking privately-controlled companies, industries, or assets and putting them under the control of the government. Nationalization often happens in developing countries and can reflect a nation’s desire to control assets or to assert its dominance over foreign-owned industries.

What is an example of nationalization?

Nationalization usually refers to private assets or to assets owned by lower levels of government (such as municipalities) being transferred to the state. For example, in 1945 the French government seized the car-maker Renault because its owners had collaborated with the 1940–1944 Nazi occupiers of France.

How do you use nationalize in a sentence?

Nationalize sentence example

  1. His formula was “to royalize France and to nationalize the monarchy.”
  2. Either the proletariat would proceed to nationalize the entire economy, or inevitably the capitalist system would emerge predominant.

What is an antonym for naturalization?

Antonyms. disapproval natural affectedness unnatural pretentiousness sophistication unlikeness.

What are the types of nationalization?

The fact is that there are three distinct types of nationalisations – capitalist, reformist and socialist.

Is Nationalisation a monopoly?

Natural Monopoly Many key industries nationalised were natural monopolies. This means the most efficient number of firms in the industry is one. This is because fixed costs are so high in creating a network of water pipes, there is no sense in having any competition.

Is nationalisation a monopoly?

What is the difference between Privatisation and nationalisation?

Privatisation is the opposite of nationalisation. It typically refers to the ownership of property, a business, or an industry being transferred from a government to an individual, or another private company.

What are the pros and cons of Nationalisation?

Nationalisation of broadband – Pros and cons

  • External benefits for the economy of broadband provision.
  • Low borrowing costs.
  • Equity and basic utility.
  • National infrastructure is a natural monopoly.
  • Captures monopoly profit/Increases consumer surplus.
  • Loss of profit motive.

What does nationalize mean?

nationalize(v. t.) To change ownership of (a business, a property) from private ownership to state ownership or control; as, to nationalize the steel industry.

What are the advantages of nationalization?

The advantages of Nationalization is given below: 1. Safeguards the interests of Laborers: Nationalization also came to be regarded as holding the key to better relations between labor and management. Under private capitalism the managers are agents acting for a host of owners.

What does it mean to nationalize an industry?

Nationalization refers to when a government takes control of a company or industry, which generally occurs without compensation for the loss of the net worth of seized assets and potential income.

What is the opposite of nationalization?

The opposite of nationalization is usually privatization or de-nationalization, but may also be municipalization. Industries that are usually subject to nationalization include transport, communications, energy, banking and natural resources.

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